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West 35 Eco-Mountain Resort!

Hey, guys! Went with the family on a road trip to Busay and Balamban today! We went to West 35 Eco-Mountain Resort. It’s located in Gaas, Balamban along with the other attraction sites like Adventure Cafe, K33, and Island in the Sky.

We left the house at around 10:00 AM and got to the place at around 11:30 AM. Most of you probably know that the drive going there is a steep and winding road. It’s a bit dangerous too, so better be careful.

One of the things I recommend on doing before actually arriving at West 35 is to buy corn at the small market place along the road. You can’t really miss it. Lots of vendors that sell fresh fruits and vegetables for prices much cheaper than that in the city. But I definitely recommend buying some sweet corn. It’s sort of what Busay and Balamban is known for. Kind of cheap too. Better take advantage while you’re there anyway.

We got to the place and it was really breathtaking. We got lost along the way, but there was a signboard which guided us as to where the place was, so it was all good. I’ll be posting a lot of pictures, so don’t worry!

West 35 Eco Adventure Park has several facilities which include: a playground, restaurant, viewing deck, trekking trail, zipline and villa accommodation!

My nephew, Enzo, had a fun time in the kid’s playground. I tried some of the obstacles, but then reminded myself that I didn’t fit into the 5-12 age category! PHP 50.00 per child and with the guardian, but luckily, we didn’t get to pay to use it today. Maybe because it’s Sunday? Check out the pictures. He’s starring in it! This place is good if you have kids. They’ll enjoy this area for sure!

That’s that for the kid’s playground! Let’s take a look at the restaurant and viewing deck. It was a bit of a climb, but it was really nice. Great design, nice furniture and it was really windy. That kind of cold wind that you can only experience in high altitude environments.

Let’s not forget to include the food! The name of their restaurant is Haven Cafe. Food was very reasonable with price ranges of PHP 120.00 to PHP 200.00 per plate of food. Surprisingly, the food was really good! We had fresh garden salad, baby back ribs, tinolang manok and pork barbeque. We also had a pitcher of their healthy iced tea at PHP 150.00 and it was pretty good! Sort of like a healthy version of C2. Let the pictures do the talking!

Did that make you hungry or what? Well, we had some good food and got to rest. The fresh air was so refreshing. We took a walk and got to inquire about their villa accommodation! If you’ve got some friends to bring, then it is a welcome place. I’ll list down the prices of their overnight villas later, but enjoy the pictures! No air conditioning, but you won’t need it as the mountain air will suffice as natural AC! There’s also a bonfire with a great view, so that’s another plus!

West 35 Eco-Mountain Resort accommodation rates: (updated as of 2/28/16)

Group Accommodation  – PHP 4,500.00 (6 PAX)

Deluxe – PHP 4,500.00 (2 PAX)

Suite – PHP 6,000.00 (2 PAX)

Extra Person – PHP 500.00

Entrance Fee – PHP 50.00

*Enjoy 10% to 15% on selected rooms during weekdays

*No bringing of outside food or beverages inside the resort premises

*Prices are subject to change without prior notice

Cebu Address: Salinas Drive, Lahug, Cebu City, Philippines

Contact Numbers: (032) 520-2633

E-mail: ecowest35@yahoo.com

Alright! We’ve got all the technical stuff out of the way. Well, if you’re looking for a breath of fresh air, or a new place to visit with friends or family, I’d definitely recommend West 35 Eco-Mountain Resort! It may not provide too much for the adventure or adrenaline junkies, but if you’re looking for some much needed R&R, this place will definitely provide. Stunning views, good food, nice facilities and a whole lot of fresh air!

Until next time,




Thank you for everyone who has read this particular post! To date, this has been my most popular post after the local apparel stuff, and I’m really happy with how people are Googling the place and my blog is like 2nd or 3rd on the search list. Check the place out! Cheers!


Visited West 35 again with my dad, and the place is still in pretty good condition. The entrance fee is still PHP 50.00 and is non-consumable on weekends, but is consumable from Monday-Friday.

Updated contact numbers for inquiries or reservations:

0933-995-3245 / 520-2633 / 514-3262


  1. hi sir, how many kms is this from marco polo plaza?

  2. Actually this is 35km from the Cebu Capitol hence the name of the place.

  3. Superb review. This helps. Checking out the place in a few weeks. 🙂

  4. i was there around 1st week of feb, it was awesome and freezing during the night time, spent 2 days but wished I knew about this place sooner!

    • Definitely would recommend it to those who want some refreshing mountain air. There’s also an option for a campfire. Glad you enjoyed!

  5. pila ka people in a group?

  6. Hai how many hours if ull just take the vhire on sm to get there?

  7. how about a single room for two? how much?

    • Hi! I’m not exactly updated if they have a room for two, as I remember the rooms we visited were of a villa type, and they were kind of on the roomy side. But please do check the contact number information posted at the end of the post, and you can call them to ask and confirm. Thanks!

  8. Can we just visit there without renting rooms?

  9. super nice to read…great job to blogger…great info, detailed, pictures…once again great job

  10. how many individual for group accomodation and deluxe…?

  11. Informative and a good recommendation.

  12. Nice blog.
    Can you possibly give us directions on how to go there. Btw, is it safe for a lady driver who’s new in cebu to go there? Would you allow your own daughter to drive her car going there po? Hope to receive your prompt reply 🙂

    • I wouldn’t know because I don’t have a daughter? Haha. But it’s pretty straightforward to get there. Not that confusing. Just bring a car with a powerful engine so it’ll be easier for the steep angles. I think calling West 35 and asking for directions would be best. Good luck!

  13. June Marie Ding

    April 19, 2014 at 12:26 pm

    Thanks for sharing this. We’ll be going there this summer. Godbless..

  14. Jennifer Salvador

    April 23, 2014 at 5:57 pm

    The shuttle service fee mentioned, does that mean we can take their shuttle from cebu city? Or I totally took that wrong? :/

  15. You’re really a great blogger and by looking from the photos, you’re a great father too! Thumbs up! (y)

    • Thank you very much! Except that I’m not a father. Hahaha! That’s my nephew. Thank you again for checking out my posts. 🙂

  16. hi po,.. if you dont have a car what would be the best route to take in getting to this place??? thanks in advance for the response

  17. Nice review. Ok lang ba mag motor papunta doon? Yung kalsada going there hnd ba masyadong delikado kpg magmotor? Ty.

  18. Maybe Kate should try reading your blog for a change and not just look at pictures. 😀 Mean, I know. Hahaha! Thanks for the info, by the way. Almost a year and this post is still on page 1 of Google. 😉

  19. *almost a year after your last comment (left that one out)

    • Hahaha! Thank you for the support. Yes, I’m blessed to have had this post in front of the Google search pages for quite some time now. Hopefully it’s helped people get to experience West 35 themselves. 🙂

  20. Hi! Great job on the blog! I’d like to ask how far would West 35 be from K33? Which comes first if you’re from Marco Polo? Btw, is there a terminal where we could probably ride from? I’m from Manila and I couldn’t be more excited to try it here. 😊

    • Hi, Belle. I’m not sure where K33 is from. But West 35 is really far away from Marco Polo. You’ve only just entered Busay if you reach Marco Polo and you’re coming from the city. I’m not sure if there’s a terminal exactly. I think your best option would be to charter a van or try and haggle with the motorcycle (habal-habal) drivers to bring you there if you don’t have your own transportation. Thanks!

  21. Hi I just read your BLOG comments just now…it’s interesting…and KM35 is also a nice place as i view your pictures…I am also an adventurous person and had been to different places already specially natures…hehe,but i don’t have a blog to share most of my experience…but anyway’s of all those places that me and my husband visited. We are not yet aware of KM35..anyway’s thank you for the info.

  22. Hi, correction by the way, Busay is not popular of sweet corn. Starting from Barangay Malubog (barangay after Busay) and the succeeding barangays produces the sweet corn. Thanks.

    • Thanks for letting me know! I’m not very familiar with all of the Barangays in the area, as I only really know of Busay as it’s the most well known.

      • It’s okay, I’m glad I could help you out. Also Barangay Busay is not popular of flowers. Next barangays after Busay is the one that really produces flowers. Just ping me up if you want to know more. Thank you.

  23. How to commute back to the city from West 35?

  24. My parents are not from Cebu and they would like to go to West35 today. Sad to say West35 doesn’t have a shuttle. We were just informed when I called their office that we have to go for van-for-hire which cost P3,500.00 for the group of 3. Anyways, my parents and a sister insisted in going there. As of this writing, they are now taking a van (public) from Ayala. I know they’re going to have transportation issues once they’re done visiting. Hope, West35 will consider having a stand-by transportation for their customers. Anyways, a reasonable fee will surely be considered by customers.

  25. some truly interesting points you have written.

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