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A review of the Logitech G302 Daedalus Prime Gaming Mouse and G440 Hard Gaming Mouse Pad

Today we’ve got a review on some gaming peripherals from Logitech! We’re going to be featuring the Logitech G302 Daedalus Prime MOBA Gaming Mouse & the Logitech G440 Hard Gaming Mouse Pad. Last March 20-22, 2015, I was able to go with the eSportsINQ team for media coverage of the Major All Stars Season 1 Dota 2 Tournament in Malaysia. One of their major sponsors was Logitech, and they had a booth that promoted the G302 Daedalus Prime Mouse as well as the G100S gaming keyboard. They had computers set-up so you could try the mouse & keyboard combo in a 1v1 Dota 2 matchup against a friend or random opponent. Their booth was pretty interesting and lots of promos and stickers were given out with purchases. The deal I got was too good to pass up. I was looking for a new mouse & pad for my gaming set-up at home anyway, so I snagged it on the last day of the event.

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A review of the Xiaomi 10,400 mAh Powerbank

Hey, everyone!

I’ve had the Xiaomi 10,400 mAh power bank for a while now, but I never got around to doing an unboxing and review. Let’s fix that right now! Xiaomi is known for selling gadgets and accessories at a damn good price to value ratio, and their power banks are no exception. However, the way they sell it is a bit tricky. They sell it via flash sales in Lazada.com and it’s not always the easiest to get. You have to register to their website and have to log-in at the specified time of the sale. These things sell out quick in like under 3 minutes! So you have to add to cart and check-out as fast as you can. I wanted a power bank since last year, but luck was just not on my side. Well, you know how they say that the third time’s the charm? Yeah, don’t believe that. I got my power bank on the fourth try via the flash sale.


After ordering it online, I got it in the next two days via LBC. I was more than happy with the order tracking of LBC and the over-all delivery time, but Lazada itself doesn’t have the best track record with me. I have more than my fair share of horror stories with Lazada. But that’s another story for another time. Let’s get on with the power bank.


It comes in this plain white box with nothing but some barcode stickers and a nondescript Mi logo in grey. Xiaomi is known for using very simple packaging to save on costs, and for the price of PHP 645.00 (plus PHP 99.00 shipping) I wasn’t expecting any fancy packaging anyway. In the end, what’s important isn’t on the outside, but what’s on the inside. (insert cheesy music here)


Opening up the box, you get a white mini-USB to USB cord. You’ll need the power adapter from your smartphone in order to charge your power bank, so keep that in mind.


You also get a guide with some tips and information on the product, which is always good to have. The most important take-away from this guide is what the LED lights indicate when in usage and when charging.


Here is the power bank itself! You can see how gorgeous it looks, kind of reminds me of my Mi 3 smartphone. It has a brushed anodized aluminum layer in silver, which looks sleek and smooth. At first glance, you wouldn’t think this power bank would be under a thousand pesos. It’s very simple, with only the Mi logo visible on the aluminum layer.


On the back, you’ve got the same anodized aluminum layer in silver, but instead of the Mi logo it says Mi.com. Xiaomi has really taken a simple design philosophy that looks sleek and sophisticated.


On the underside you can see that 10,400 mAh being indicated along with some factory labels and wording.


Up on top you have the USB port, mini-USB port, the 4 LED’s to help you indicate the current status as well as the power button. Not much else to it, but really, this is all you’ll need.


In hand, it feels good and isn’t too hefty considering that it is 10,400 mAh. One concern I have though is that if you don’t have a case for this, you will get scratches on this power bank. Best to get a case for this if you plan on bringing this for travel.



To give you a bit of a perspective on the dimensions of the power bank, I’ve decided to stack some coins for reference. Height is about 4 1 peso coins laid out on the floor and thickness is about 11 1 & 5 peso coins stacked on top of each other. In essence, it’s not heavy or bulky at all and fits just right in with your bag or backpack.


Like I mentioned earlier, there are 4 LED’s and a power button on the top to help indicate the status of the power bank. Now, don’t get confused. The power button itself doesn’t need to be pressed for you to charge your smartphone or other devices. You press the power button and the LED’s will light up according to the status and usage of the power bank. The guide from earlier helps to inform you of the power bank status.


When charging to an outlet, if all 4 LEDs are on, it means that it is fully charged. If all 4 are blinking, it means there is something wrong with the power bank. If the first LED is blinking and the rest are off, it is at 0-25% charge. Then if the first LED is on and the second LED is blinking and the rest are off, it is at 25-50% charge. So on and so forth until all LEDs are on and not blinking anymore.

While discharging the power bank (charging your smartphone), it will always be blinking. 4 LEDs blinking indicate that it is 75-100% charged, and 1 blinking LED will indicate that it is at 0-25% charge and is going to turn off in a bit. It might sound confusing, but when you actually use it, the LEDs are more than capable in helping indicate where the power bank is at. Please refer to the table in the guide if the explanation wasn’t clear enough.


The power bank has a rated capacity of 10,400 mAh, so it’ll take longer to charge than a regular smartphone which has 2,000-3,000 mAh of battery capacity and will charge in about 2 hours or so. After using it for about a month, I’ve found that it takes about 8-9 hours to get a full charge. Best to leave it overnight. It discharges quick too. For some reason, I’ve noticed that it can charge my smartphone faster than if I would have connected it to the outlet. I think this is because it is rated higher in terms of amperes, so it can discharge quicker than the normal 1.5A rated capacity. Take note that it can only charge one device at a time. It’s compatible with all Android devices that have a mini-USB port as well as Apple devices as long as you have your own power cable that connects from USB-to-Lightning port.

The batteries that Xiaomi has placed into this are from LG & Samsung, so you know it’s legit. When they rate 10,400 mAh, it is exactly close to that. A lot of counterfeit and cheap power banks will have a rating of 10,400 mAh but you’d be surprised when it can only hold half of the rated amount. This, however, can charge my Xiaomi Mi 3 (3,050 mAh) about three times and have a bit of juice left over, which is amazing efficiency and is really close to their stated rated capacity.


So what’s the final verdict?

Xiaomi continues to impress with their products and this is no exception. I’m pretty happy with this power bank and will highly recommend it to anyone looking for extra battery on the go. It’s cheap but doesn’t skimp on the design or battery, and it has amazing value for the price of PHP 645.00 when comparing it to other power banks in the same category. It charges up your smartphone devices faster than a regular charger and the LED system of indicating the power status is very nifty. It’s also very light considering the rated capacity that it brings.

The two things I can nitpick about it is that I wish it had another port so you could charge two devices at once (which it has with its 16,000 mAh bigger brother!) and the ease of availability. You can’t get this power bank without snagging it in a flash sale. Lazada is the only authorized retailer of Xiaomi products, and if you got it from a retailer elsewhere, it’s either what you got might be a fake or they bought it from Lazada themselves and jacked up the price. Want to know if your Mi power bank is authentic or not? Check out this helpful guide from Yugatech here. Hopefully in the future, Xiaomi can increase the availability of their products wherein they wouldn’t need flash sales so everyone can purchase it when they want to.

And wouldn’t you know it, Lazada and Mi Philippines are having another flash sale this April 24, 2015 (Friday) at 12 noon. They’re going to be launching the 16,000 mAh power bank for PHP 1,299.00 and that version has two USB ports for you to charge two devices at the same time. Hopefully those who want a power bank will get one and it won’t go to the re-sellers. Good luck!

If you have any questions, as always, feel free to leave a comment down below or message me directly. Follow me on my social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube) @mikes41720 or send an e-mail at michaelbriantina@yahoo.com.

Until next time,


A review of the Nike LeBron XI King’s Pride

December was a hectic month, and it culminated in Christmas and New Year. Who doesn’t love getting and giving out presents? 2013 was the year I first landed employment status, meaning that I started getting hard-earned money. It was good that I was able to give gifts to my family from out of my own pocket! The karma might have been good, as I also landed a free pair of kicks!


The Athlete’s Foot had a promotion entitled ‘Holiday Clicks for Kicks’ wherein you’d take a selfie with the shoe that you wanted for Christmas, and you’d upload it on their Facebook page. The top 5 entries with the most votes would get their respective shoes that they took a selfie with.


I was glad to be able to be part of that top 5, in fact, I got into first place. I actually joined the contest during the last 3 days of votation, and had to work double time to get the extra votes! It was really fun, but also a bit of hard work, as I had to ask my family and friends to click and hit that vote button. I also manually messaged my friends on Facebook, anyone who was online really, and a lot of people ‘seen-zoned’ me but it’s all good, not everyone will want to help out. On the flip side, I’m glad that I did get a lot of support too though!


After waiting for the go signal from the person in Manila in charge of the said promotion, I claimed my prize from TAF Ayala Center Cebu a day after Christmas. Talk about excited! I was so stoked trying them on in-store. Still couldn’t believe that I won these awesome pair of kicks. I really had wanted a new pair of basketball shoes to hoop in. The staff were very courteous and were genuinely happy for me. You guys should definitely check out The Athlete’s Foot in Ayala Center Cebu, as they have some great stuff for athletics and apparel over there. I chose the Lebron XI in the King’s Pride Colorway. There was also the option of getting the Black and Red colorway, but this just screamed ‘FIRE’ to me. Let’s get on to the review!


These are the Nike LeBron XI in the King’s Pride colorway. These sneakers are just sick! I love the colors, the materials used and the over-all design of the shoe. Truly a great concept deserving for a player of LeBron’s caliber. Nike did a really good job on these, hats off to Jason Petrie who designed these.


Of course, it came in the TAF paper bag. Again, big ups to them for sponsoring this Holiday Clicks for Kicks contest!


They went for a whole duality theme on this shoe. The box is huge, and it features black and red. You can see the Lebron lettering in red, which is cool, because if you invert this, it turns into James. Try tilting your head, you’ll be amazed. There’s also an LJ Crown logo that features more of that duality.


Got it in a US SZ 10. Official colorway is Parachute Gold/Artic Green-Dark Loden-Blue. Here is the tag. Made in China.


Here they are fresh from the box. The smell is that of plastic and glue, as these aren’t made with leather, but that new shoe smell is still glorious! But I will have to say that nothing beats a new pair of kicks that has nice leather on it.


Let’s start off with the traction and outsole of the shoe. It’s a honeycomb type of pattern, and is fully laid out in that Arctic Green. It looks super clean. You can also see the cracks in the forefoot and heel of the shoe, which are actually transparent windows that showcase the Full Length Lunarlon and Zoom Air midsole which is the red portion. We’ll get into that later.



You can clearly see the traction pattern as well as the transparent window that houses the Lunarlon foam carrier. For basketball purposes, the traction on the shoe is good, but not the best. I still think standard herringbone is the best pattern for traction and grip. The rubber is fairly pliable, so I wouldn’t recommend you playing outdoors with these. If you play with these on an outdoor court like hard concrete, you’ll grind down the rubber pretty quickly. These are good for indoor courts.


In between, we’ve got a black TPU/Carbon Fiber shank plate, which provides stability and support for your foot, so it doesn’t over-extend or over-flex in the arch area. It’s laid out in black and has a slight pattern to it, and has that cracked effect with the Lebron James signature in red. Pretty dope.


You can’t really see the midsole like in usual shoes, as the midsole is placed internally. From the outsole, it goes straight to the upper, giving you that low to the ground feel, which they took the Lebron Signature models to a new direction. In the past iteration, the LeBron X, they went with a full 360 Max Zoom Unit. That offered a whole lot of cushion, but it was really off the ground, you lost court feel. With this, it’s a perfect balance of plush cushioning and that low to the ground court feel.


On the medial side of the toebox, we’ve got that Foamposite material. This is like a durable plastic which is Nike’s technology, which, when played in and broken in, molds with your foot and gives you a 1-to-1 fit. Look at the Parachute Gold and how it gleams. The whole shoe is composed of this Foamposite, and it shines and gleams like no other. The Foamposite makes the shoe look like a tank and something Iron Man would wear! It’s really underrated as a colorway since it’s a General Release, but these look simply beautiful. We’ve also got a black Nike Swoosh there on the toebox.


On the outside or lateral side, we’ve got a lateral outrigger, which is kind of a protrusion that provides stability because of a wider base. You can see it in that Arctic Green, right below the James text. Again, inverting the James will have it read as LeBron. Aside from the foamposite material, there is also a mixture of Hyperfuse, which is a mixture of mesh and plastic that is durable and is great to use performance wise. That is the black and brown material that mixes with the Foamposite to form overlays. It’s not as comfortable as straight up leather, but it’ll hold up better and keep its shape in the long run.



Going up the tongue, we’ve got a mixture of that Pro Combat and Mesh padded tongue. It’s really, really, well padded. No chafing or hotspots anywhere when you put on the shoe. It’s an all black tongue, and we’ve got thick black performance laces. These shoelaces are really heavy-duty and you can feel it when you lace them up tight. They are not going anywhere. Also peek the Dynamic Flywire, which are those cables in red that replace eyelets or the laceholes. These cables and wires hold down your foot when pressure is applied from the laces and keeps your foot secure. Definitely a nice touch with the hints of red.


Up the tongue, we’ve got the LJ Crown logo in black and arctic green, and that red patch shows the XI for the Lebron XI. This tongue, I cannot stress enough, is super padded. It’s one of the most padded basketball shoes out there, and funny enough, if you lace the shoelaces tighter, it seems to get even more comfy!


The ends of the shoelaces have red lacetips with the arctic green LJ crown logo again. I love the little details they put into shoes, and this is no exception.


On the medial or the inside side of the shoe, we’ve also got this black Nike Swoosh with that pattern, outlined in Arctic green. I think this looks really solid as well, and it lends itself to the design of the shoe pretty nicely.


Going to the back side of the shoe, you can see that carbon fiber plate in black, and the arctic green outsole. More overlays of the Foamposite and Hyperfuse material. There’s red text there which denotes the Flywire. I think this looks a bit out of place, but Nike has been doing this for a while now. Personally, I think it’d be better if they remove this in future releases.


That Foamposite material wraps around from the toebox, to the sides and all the way to the heel and back portion of the shoe. They are placed where there are high-wear areas, and give better support and fit to your foot. There are also cut-out triangular sections to shed weight, and if you notice closely, you can see the red Dynamic Flywire peeking out from those triangles. It looks really amazing, and you can really see the Flywire holding your foot into place.


Looking at the sockliner, we’ve got this crazy “Birds of Paradise” or “LeBronold Palmer” graphic, which looks insane! These shades and patterns are reminiscent of the Palm Trees in Miami, as I think this is the source of inspiration. It’s also super padded along the heel and the sides. Really, just top-notch support and step-in comfort is amazing. The shoe has an inner bootie which connects the tongue to the other sections.


The tag with the production information is on the left side. Again, the graphics along the sockliner is just straight up beautiful and really adds pop to the shoe. Again, it’s the little details that really won it for me.


This is the removable midsole that I was talking about earlier. It’s a really thick Lunarlon foam, which is a responsive foam cushion engineered by Nike, which is supposed to be responsive and super plush and comfortable. It’s in that bright red, and again, you can peek the Lebron or James invertible text that is silkscreened on there. Nice details.



You can just see how thick that midsole is. Having a removable insert as both the insole and midsole is relatively new, started by the Kobe 8, and the LeBron XI does a good job of implementing this as well. I kid you not, the Lunarlon foam is super plush, and it feels like pillows on your feet. Really, really comfortable.


Flipping over the insert, we’ve got the Full Length Zoom Air unit in there, which is the white section that covers the whole shoe. This is also Nike technology that provides low-profile impact protection which provides you that bounce back and return. It feels really good! I can really feel the springiness and that little extra bounce on my step. It won’t make you jump higher, but you can just feel the energy return from the force exerted. Really one of their best foam cushion set-ups to date!


I’ve played in these a couple of times already, and they do require a bit of break-in time for the cushion, shank plate and Foamposite material. But keep at it, and these will feel better each time you play in them! They fit true to size, although they are a bit snug on the toebox area, which is because of that Foamposite. So I advise you guys get your regular size, but if you have wide feet, you can try a half size up and see which fits you better.

Now, to comment on their performance on the court, here are my personal thoughts and opinions with regards to several key aspects. I’ve taken these attributes from Nightwing2303’s KicksOnCourt performance reviews. He is just amazing at what he does. He tests and makes a performance review on all the latest basketball shoes, and provides his solid opinion. Please do check him out at the KicksOnCourt site here.

Traction – It’s really good as the rubber is pliable, which makes it great on indoor courts. There is that grip and you can make those jab steps, cuts and stops without fear of slippage. It’s not advisable for outdoor courts, because you will grind down the rubber really quick if you play it on concrete. Over-all, a solid traction pattern and solid rubber material makes this more than adequate to give you that grip and traction that you need on the floor. Bonkers.

Cushion – Again, if I have not stressed it enough, these have that removable insert midsole. The combination of Full length Lunarlon and that Full length Zoom Air unit is just beastly! It’s plush and will absorb all the impact. You are literally covered here with regards to impact protection because of that Full Length Lunarlon foam, yet it remains responsive and springy because of that Zoom Air Unit. Heaven sent.

Materials – A combination of Foamposite and Hyperfuse, these are the best performance materials you can use in basketball shoes right now. It will require some break-in time, as this isn’t your regular leather which hardly has any break-in time, but if you stick with it, you will find that the Foamposite and Hyperfuse will break-in and mold accordingly to your foot shape. Superb.

Fit – Because of the Foamposite material, this really hugs your foot and gives you that feeling of security, yet it doesn’t feel bulky at all. It’s actually much lighter than it looks. This is the lightest LeBron signature shoe to date. My whole foot was secure, and once I laced them up, my feet were secure inside the shoe. True to size lengthwise, but a bit snug widthwise along the toebox and forefoot. Do try on in store if you have some doubts if you have wider feet than regular. I had a little slippage in my left heel at first but again, I reiterate, the fit is phenomenal once the Foamposite and cushion breaks in. Also, a little tip, you should tie your shoelaces twice. The aglets or the lace tips are a bit heavy, and will clank around the upper if you don’t. No problems after break-in whatsoever. Outstanding.

Support – The Foamposite material is placed in strategic sections such as the heel and toebox and other high-wear areas, which keep your foot supported and will stop slippage. The fit of the shoe itself is what lends support mostly. The TPU/Carbon Fiber shank plate in place also provides torsional support, and makes sure that your arch doesn’t over-extend when you’re sprinting up and down the court.  Top-notch.

Ventilation – There are some cut-out portions of the Hyperfuse which provide some ventilation, but it isn’t the best. However, ventilation shouldn’t be too much of an issue if the fit is outstanding. Adequate.

Over-all, I am really satisfied with how this shoe performs on-court. It looks great, it’s supportive and sturdy without being bulky and still provides you with that range of motion and court feel. The cushion is superb and provides impact protection and responsiveness. After that break in period, it plays like a beauty. I definitely recommend that you check this shoe out. For the price tag it has, PHP 9,495.00 is not cheap, but you’re getting what (arguably) the best player in the game is getting, and all of Nike’s latest and greatest technological advances are placed into the shoe. Amazing!


On another note, did I already mention how beautiful the color blocking and over-all design on the shoe is? That gleaming Foamposite material and the Arctic Green and red hits which give it that pop is really a pleasure to look at. These are also amazing to rock off-court, with some jeans or shorts. In fact, I’ve been wearing it to the office and other gatherings because it looks great, catches attention and is just so damn comfortable!



That’s my take on the Nike LeBron XI King’s Pride. A great design, versatile both on and off court, and an absolute beast of a performance shoe. Once again, thanks to The Athlete’s Foot for the Holiday Clicks for Kicks promo. Definitely check them out along with their other branches and stores like Sports Warehouse and Planet Sports, they are a big deal here in the Philippines.

If you have any comments, questions, opinions or clarifications on the shoe, please feel free to PM me or drop a comment down below. I really appreciate all the views the blog has been getting, it’s really amazing!

Until next time,


A review of the Brainwavz M5 Earphones

Happy New Year, everyone!

I really hope you guys enjoyed your first day of 2014. I spent it just chilling and kicking back with my family. Still wasn’t feeling too well, so I just stayed at home. Ended up playing 6-7 games of Dota 2. Crazy!

Anyway, I’m here with another review of a new pair of earphones that I got. For some unfortunate reason, I lost my Audio-Technica CKS-55 IEM’s so I had to get a replacement! Got these Brainwavz M5 Earphones around the first or second week of December. Many thanks to Power Up Audio again for providing these quality brands in audio. Please do check out their Facebook page here. You can find a lot of headphones or earphones that are bang for the buck, from brands such as FiiO, Brainwavz, Soundmagic, TPeos, HiFiMan and Superlux. Please do check it out if you want to invest in a good pair of earphones or headphones!


They come in this blue and black plastic packaged box. Retail price on these is PHP 2,100.00. It might sound a bit expensive if you’ve never tried buying the higher end quality audio products, but these are actually considered entry level and for those on a budget! But I assure you, the quality of sound on these are amazing!




So, here are the specifications again.

  • Transducers/Drivers: Dynamic, 10mm
  • Rated Impedance: 16ohms Closed Dynamic
  • Sensitivity: 103dB at 1mW
  • Frequency range: 16 ~ 18000Hz
  • Distortion: <= 0.3% @ 94dB
  • Channel balance: =< 3dB (at 1000Hz)
  • Rated input power: 10mW
  • Maximum input power: 20mW
  • Plug: 3.5 mm gold plated, L Shape
  • Cable length: 1.3 meters Y cord

This is more of the technical stuff, but it’s important to note what your stuff is made out of.


Opening it up, we’ve got the earphones. I got it in an all black color finish. There’s also a black and copper version. It also comes with this black and red carrying case, which is well built and very solid.




You can just see the details on the carrying case. I just love it when the accessories and freebies that come with the earphones are well built and designed. The carrying case looks like it can take a lot of abuse and can really protect your earphones.


Opening up the case, we can see that there are two stretchable pouches or pockets to place your stuff, which is handy. There’s a black shirt clip, as well as a warranty/instruction card from Brainwavz. There’s also a grey plastic, which houses the extra earphone tips. They were very generous with the extra tips!


As you can see, they come with 7 pair of extra tips. The earphones come default with Medium sized wide bore tips. So, they’ve got 6 silicone tips in S, M, L that are either thinly tipped or the wide bore version, so you can take your pick. They also have 1 pair of M bi-flange tips as well as a pair of M Comply tips! So, you can really experiment and note which tips will fit your ears.


These are those Comply tips, which have memory foam, and will contour to your ear for a secure fit and will provide that isolation.


We’ve got a gold L-tip with a 3.5mm jack, which I certainly prefer over the usual jacks. There’s also that Brainwavz branding.


It has that Brainwavz logo and is splitted in a Y cable. The actual thickness of the cable is thick, and it gives that solid feel. It also has a matte and rubberized finish, so it feels good to operate. The cable is a bit prone to tangling though. There is also a bit of microphonics present, which basically means that when the cable moves around, it’s a bit noisy, but that’s present with almost all kinds of earphones.


We’ve got a straight barrel design for these earphones, and they clearly indicate the L and R side for the ears. These are made with a metal housing, and they feel very solid! These look like they can take a beating. The actual housing is a bit large though, so it might take some adjusting to fitting your ears.


You can see the Brainwavz in white lettering on the back of the earphone, which gives it a bit of pop.


Now, I’m no audiophile or expert, but I will just go with what my ears tell me. I might have given these about 20-30 hours of burning-in, but I can’t really tell much difference.

The sound signature on these earphones are warm and sweet. They are advertised to be balanced and are meant for clarity, which I think is kind of true. The balance and clarity is definitely there, as they do well with obtaining details in songs that might be lost with other lower end earphones. They’re basically an all rounder, as they do well in most categories.

Soundstage is nice, but they sound a bit congested at times. Over-all though, the ‘open’ feeling is good as earphones go, and instrument separation is good too, which just helps the detail, balance and clarity.

The low or bass end on these earphones are great, they have good bass with a nice kick. It does a real good job on the low end, and you can hear it on the bass-heavy songs and those songs with the bass drums and beats. They also do a good job of extending in the lower end of the spectrum as well.

The mids are really well pronounced and are energetic. They find their place and don’t sound lost with the bass. They sound a bit forward, which is what gives it its fun and energetic sound.

The highs are also maintained very well, albeit they roll off a bit and are more tame compared to the bass and mids. At times, they get pushed to the background when competing with the bass and mids, but they still have good details and that crunch.

Over-all, this earphone, soundwise, is really bang for your buck. It does well in all categories, while keeping that clarity and detail there. It is warm and sweet, which can provide for longer listening sessions. It really shines in the bass and mids department, while keeping the highs good. Again, it’s solid across all areas for its price range, and I cannot stress that enough!



So, that’s my take on these earphones! If you have any questions, please feel free to message me or drop a comment! Again, I’m only basing on my opinion from my ears and on some reviews I’ve agreed with. For what I’m paying for, I can really appreciate the quality of audio I’m getting. I’ve decided to forego the ratings and scoring, and I’m just telling you how it is. Truly, it is value for money! Maybe you’d like to start off 2014 with a bang, and maybe a new pair of good earphones will just do that for you!

Until next time,


A review of the Nike SB Dunks Firecracker

Hey, guys!

Today, I have another pick-up I’d like to share with you. I’m catching up on the back-logs for blog posts I failed to make, so please bear with me here! I got this last October, from We Legendary Skateshop in Manila. They are an awesome skateshop that has a lot of apparel and shoes that you can’t find anywhere else. They get a lot of awesome Nike SB’s releases the whole year round. Check them out here. I got my first ever pair of Nike Dunk SB’s and I must say, it was a pleasure doing business with them. Deposit money, and once confirmed, shipped over in the next 1-2 days. No hassle at all. Check them out!


These are the Nike Dunk SB Low Firecrackers. They were released to commemorate the 4th of July, and this pack comes in this one, the all black upper, and a variant in red. I chose these ones as I thought the black would fit my style more and I thought the red ones were just a bit too bright.


We’ve got this awesome Nike SB Box with the duct tape style packaging. It says that it’s sent from the future, and that white Nike SB font really accentuates and makes this box pop!


A look at the tag. I usually wear a US SZ 10 on most shoes since lengthwise I run about 9-9.5, but I’ve got wide feet, so widthwise, I’d need to get a 10. These Dunks are naturally wide, so I figured getting it in a SZ 9.5 would be good. Turns out, they fit just fine! The colorway is Black, White & Challenge Red.


These shoes are crazy! My first ever pair of Nike Dunk SB’s, and I’m so happy with this purchase! We don’t get a lot of Nike SB’s here in Cebu, so checking it online on We Legendary was awesome. The price was also very close to retail, so I’m very happy with that! Let’s take a closer look at the shoe.


The outsole is that standard iconic Nike Dunk traction pattern. You know it’s a Nike Dunk when you see that imprint and classic pattern. Mostly black.


There’s a hit of that Challenge Red on the midfoot area, which gives it a nice pop to the otherwise all black outsole.


We’ve also got those pop-out stars peeking out from the sides of the outsole. These little details make it look awesome in my opinion.



The black outsole is visible from the sides as it merges with the white midsole that also has white stitching.


Up on the toebox, we’ve got this suede material. It’s not really that high quality and plush feeling, but it’s not bad either. It feels kind of like felt. There is also that black stitching across the mudguard.


Along the medial and lateral side, we’ve got a white Nike swoosh, with a textured material. You can see that it has yellow stitching, which makes it pop just a bit.



Along the tongue, it’s made out of a padded mesh material. The standard Nike Dunk eyelets are present, and we’ve got black round laces.


If you want them to pop a bit more, they also come with extra laces in that Challenge Red.


You can just see how padded that tongue is. We’ve got a yellow patch with black text for Nike SB Dunk Low Pro.


This is how the side eyelets look like. So if you want to adjust your lacing, you’ve got extra lace holes to make adjustments with.


Here is a picture inside the shoe. We’ve got a black sockliner, and it’s pretty padded! I like how cushioned it is. Take a look at that special insole, which has a white Nike SB and has a graphic of fireworks. Again, little details like this really give the shoe its character.


Here’s a look at the back of the tongue, the other part of the yellow tag. Made in Vietnam.


Here’s a look at the heel padding. You can see how padded the shoe is around the ankle to the heel, as well as on the tongue. I tried it on and it felt real nice with the step-in comfort. These shoes aren’t exactly ideal to wear and walk around in for the whole day though, as I experienced a bit of pain along my midfoot. It must be the general construction of the whole shoe, as well as that fat mesh tongue.



Now, here’s a look at my favorite part of the shoe! The back heel tab. We’ve got the word ‘caution’ on the left shoe and ‘flammable’ on the right shoe, all embroidered in red, which I think is awesome! Really gives way to the firecracker theme. We’ve also got red stitching and that graphic of white stars on a red background. This is a really subtle shoe when looking at it from the front, but when you go from the front to the back, as well as inside the shoe, you can really see the details shining. The concept was executed really well.


All in all, I’m really happy with my first pair of Nike SB’s. They’ve got an awesome concept, they look subtle, but they’re also able to give a bit of pop when needed (I change the laces from time to time) and the Nike Dunk design is just a timeless classic. I actually don’t know how to skate, but I think this shoe is just great for casual wear.

I highly recommend that you guys check out We Legendary for your SB apparel and lifestyle needs, they’ve got an awesome collection there!

Please feel free to drop a comment or leave a message if you have any questions or remarks on these Nike SB Dunk Low Pro Firecrackers. Hey! Since it’s almost New Year for 2014, these’ll fit right in!

Until next time,


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