Barbix Barbeque & Grill – Best Pork Barbeque in Cebu?

Who doesn’t love grilled pork barbeque? It’s always been a long-time favorite of the Cebuanos. Aside from classic Cebu barbeque places like Larsian and Matias, one of the places where you can get authentic and delicious Cebuano barbeque is at BARBIX Barbeque & Grill.

E Zone

Barbix is located at the E. Zone, F. Cabahug St., Cebu City, and it’s right next to the Bonifacio District. The place itself is very unassuming and has lots of other restaurants, spas, gyms, and a carwash. If you’re having a hard time finding the place, just look for the Balamban Liempo restaurant fronting the complex, and head straight inside.


Dining at Fat Dois

There’s this new restaurant in Cebu that’s been getting a lot of attention as of late. If you’ve passed by A.S. Fortuna Road in the last couple of months, then you’ve probably seen it. It’s a very small and unassuming area just along the road that doesn’t even have a designated parking area. Yet there are droves of people queuing outside, waiting up to 2-3 hours just to be able to dine and partake. Which restaurant am I talking about? It’s the restaurant known as Fat Dois.


Dining at Yakimix

Hey, everyone!

Sorry for the long hiatus. Internet was down for the past 5 weeks, so I wasn’t able to get any content done. But I have a lot of posts lined up in the next few days. Last week, I was able to eat at Yakimix. It’s the latest restaurant to open here in Cebu that features an eat-all-you-can, and it’s surprisingly similar to Tokyo Table, and I also did a blog post about that which you can check out here.


Yakimix is an eat and drink all you can restaurant that focuses on sushi and a smokeless grill. Most of the cuisine is centered around Japanese and Asian Fusion dishes, with the convenient option to grill meat and seafood as well. It is located in Capitol Square in Escario Street. It’s across Escario Central, and if you see the Jollibee restaurant, just go inside the newly renovated plaza area, and you’re already there.


Dining at Gibbs’ Hot Wings

Hey, everyone!

I was able to eat at this new restaurant in Cebu called Gibbs’ Hot Wings last week. A friend & I decided to have a late dinner and I suggested Gibbs’ Hot Wings to her because I heard some good things about it from another friend of mine. Social media is all well and good, but the word of mouth is here to stay. It’s kind of a hidden place and isn’t really along the main road. It’s inside Holy Family II Subdivision in Banilad, and if it weren’t for the sign that said Gibbs’ Hot Wings, I would have thought it was just another house. Best to take a cab or bring a car heading here although you can elect to walk as well from the entrance of the subdivision, no one’s stopping you. The guard will give you directions from the guard house which is straight, right, left, and then left. You should be able to spot it from there.


People in Cebu always love those restaurants that are considered a hole-in-the-wall, and this is kind of like that. I mean, having a restaurant in a subdivision and the fact that it’s so small kind of gives it that appeal that it’s insider info that only a handful of people know about.


When you get inside, you’ll realize how quaint the place really is. It’s separated into two different rooms with a total of about 8-9 tables, so expect to wait a bit if you come here for dinner on a weekend. However, I like how they have that distinctive giant blackboard with the Gibbs logo and chalkboard writing all over it. Kind of reminds me of Black Iron.


While waiting for your food, you can write on the blackboard using chalk and it’s something to keep you busy while waiting. I like how it gives off that personal vibe.



So they didn’t have a physical menu. I ordered from the counter. What was interesting was that they showed pictures of their food on a monitor, and that’s basically where you order your food. Of course, this place, from the name itself, specializes in hot chicken wings, and if you order their Gibbs’ Hot Wings, you have five levels of spiciness that you can choose from. Hot is actually the least spicy, followed by Original, then Insanely Hot, then 2! Intense and finally Freakin Hot. My tolerance for spicy food isn’t really up to par, so we ended up going with Hot. What’s also interesting to note is that there was a price difference depending on what spice level you would choose, Freakin Hot is more expensive than Hot by around 20-25 pesos, so keep that in mind.


Ordered the Potato Wedges. This was PHP 80.00. It was a generous serving and was served with a barbeque and sour cream sauce. It was really, really good! Something about home cooked potato dishes that makes it taste really good. A great appetizer before you dine in on your chicken wings.


Our ‘Hot’ flavored Chicken Wings arrived and also came with that Mayonnaise & Sour Cream Sauce. The chicken wings were coated generously with the spicy barbeque sauce, and even though this was the least spicy option, it still had a bit of a kick to it! It tasted pretty good and for 10 pieces for PHP 175.00, I think you get good value. This is good for sharing for two people or for one really hungry person. We paired it with rice which is PHP 20.00 per cup. They also have other options on their menu, like the Angel’s Wings and their Spaghetti with Meatballs. But really, you come here to try out their chicken wings for sure!


To wash it all down, we had this fruit berry juice in a pitcher that cost PHP 125.00. It’s actually good for three to four people, and it tasted okay. There was another option that looked like it was a lemon or orange juice base, but that was unavailable, so we had this instead. There are also softdrinks and beer options if that’s what you’d prefer to drink.

All in all, dining at Gibbs’ Hot Wings was an interesting experience. The food tasted good and you come here to dine on some spicy chicken wings, nothing more, nothing less. The place itself is hidden and a hole-in-the-wall, but that’s also what makes it endearing and gives it its own personality which makes it worth a visit.

They are open during the following days:

Tuesdays – Saturdays
Lunch – 11am – 2pm
Dinner – 5:30pm – 10pm

Sundays & Mondays
Dinner – 5:30 – 10pm

You can contact them on their Facebook page here.

If you want to make reservations, contact 0949-376-7220.

Well, that’s it! Definitely worth a try. The Burrow Lounge & Bad Boy Wingz are also worth a visit if you want to get your fill of chicken wings., but that’s another post for another time.

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Ironbound Coffee

For the past few weeks, on the way home from work, I’d pass by this huge tarpaulin that read “Hello Cebu!” on it. It really intrigued me and then I later found out it was a newly opened coffeeshop and bakery. It had a really unique name and I really wanted to try it out, so a couple of workmates and I headed out there last Friday evening to try out their coffee and pastries. Today’s feature is going to be on one of the new places on the block, Ironbound Coffee & Bakery.


Ironbound Coffee & Bakery is located in 13 F. Cabahug St., Mabolo, Cebu City. If you’re coming from Ayala, once you go straight from the intersection and past Barbeque Boss and after Bread After Bread (see what I did there?) it should be in the next two corners on the right side. There should be a huge tarpaulin like on the picture above for you to spot. They are open 7 AM – 12 AM and they just opened last February 14, 2015 on Valentines Day! Mind you, they are still on their soft opening, so do keep that in mind.


They’ve got an ambitious menu, and I’m pretty sure a lot of the food on this tarp wasn’t on the menu yet, but hopefully in time they can add it to their menu. They had another tarp that mentioned they were serving meals for the whole day, which includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. But again, since they were on their soft opening, it was just pastries for now.


They have a promo for the month of March! If you order 1 large drink, hot or cold, you get a free Hong Kong Waffle! Nice little touch to bolster more sales for their soft opening and to ease the crowd into trying their coffee and other offerings.


The place itself was fairly small, probably about 5-6 tables and some chairs by the counter top. We were still deciding what to order.


If coffee isn’t your thing, they’ve got lots of softdrinks, tea, beer, and other alcoholic drinks. I do believe they also have some wine choices available.


Some of their pastries up for grabs. It was already late in the night at around 11:30 PM, so most of their pastries and goodies were probably already gone by then.


Here is their coffee menu. An assortment of hot and cold drinks in various sizes, as well as what they call 3rd Waved Coffee.  There is Syphon, Pour Over & Aero Press. Basically, these are different kinds of ways of brewing coffee with a different kind of apparatus. It’s different from the usual instant or brewed coffee that we normally see. We’ll get more into that later. Here are some of the drinks we ordered.


Hot Cappuccino

My friend said that the Cappuccino was good. The usual reliable hot drink.


Iced French Vanilla

I ordered the Iced French Vanilla. Milk at the bottom, and coffee on the top. Mix it together, and you have a creamy iced drink with the sweet bitterness and fragrant aroma of coffee. It was good.


French Vanilla Latte

I always enjoy seeing the coffee art from the froth. My friend said it tasted good as well.


Syphon Coffee

My friend wanted to try the 3rd waved coffee, so he ordered a cup of Syphon Coffee. This apparatus was really unique, and I was really interested in watching the whole process from start to finish. Basically it uses a partial vacuum and vapor pressure to brew the coffee. Water is heated in the lower chamber as evidenced by the red flame, and is forced up the stem and evaporates up into the upper chamber.


The water starts to accumulate in the upper chamber and it is then mixed with the coffee grounds and stirred for about a minute or so. By this point in time, the coffee is already brewed. The whole apparatus is taken off from the heater and is allowed to cool a bit. Due to the pressure difference and the gravity, the liquid passes through the stem and goes back down into the lower chamber. There’s a filter in the stem, so all the coffee grounds will be left in the upper chamber.


Detach it, pour it in a cup, and it’s ready for drinking! I was amazed the whole time I was watching this. I’m not a coffee connoisseur by any means, but coming from a guy who just gets coffee from a sachet or from a vending machine, this was pretty jaw dropping. The whole process in brewing coffee like this was very calculated and very scientific. It was such a treat to watch! They told me that a medium sized brew cost PHP 189.00 and if you ordered this at UCC in Ayala, it would easily be around PHP 500.00 per brew. They use what I believe was called the Supremo blend of coffee beans. I tried a sip, and it was pretty good. My friend, who regularly orders coffee from the major coffee shops like Starbucks & Coffee Bean, said it was a real good cup of coffee and was worth it.


Hongkong Waffle

And here is our free Hongkong Waffle! I will admit, it was a bit raw on the inside, but still pretty good. The sides were a bit crispy, which was nice. It was good to pair it with the coffee we had. Cooking it just a bit more would have probably made it taste way better. But hey, everyone loves free waffles, right? Take advantage of the promo for the whole of March while it’s still in effect!


Here’s a picture of me and some of my workmates. Over-all, the place is still in its soft opening, and we were the only customers there, so you’ve got to cut them some slack. The coffee itself was pretty good and reasonably priced for what you’re getting. They have Wi-Fi, and I believe they are still working on their air conditioning. Their staff is still in the process of training, and they’ve still got a ways to go, but I think the appeal of their affordable 3rd Waved Coffee will entice people to check it out.

I was pleased with the visit. You should find the time to stop by and have some coffee over at Ironbound and have someone order the Syphon Coffee so you can marvel over the unique way the coffee is being brewed. Definitely worth a try.


You can check out their Facebook page here.

You can also contact them at (032)405-2987.

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