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Sorry for the long hiatus. Internet was down for the past 5 weeks, so I wasn’t able to get any content done. But I have a lot of posts lined up in the next few days. Last week, I was able to eat at Yakimix. It’s the latest restaurant to open here in Cebu that features an eat-all-you-can, and it’s surprisingly similar to Tokyo Table, and I also did a blog post about that which you can check out here.


Yakimix is an eat and drink all you can restaurant that focuses on sushi and a smokeless grill. Most of the cuisine is centered around Japanese and Asian Fusion dishes, with the convenient option to grill meat and seafood as well. It is located in Capitol Square in Escario Street. It’s across Escario Central, and if you see the Jollibee restaurant, just go inside the newly renovated plaza area, and you’re already there.

It was my best friend’s birthday, and luckily enough, we were able to dine at 1 PM on a Saturday without having to line-up! I’ve heard that you need to reserve at least 2 days before or wait a really long time before you can get seated, so the stars must have aligned for us that day.


Upon entering, the place was pretty nice. Lots of gold accents and the place had a modern look to it. Again, very reminiscent of Tokyo Table. It was jam packed and I couldn’t see any available tables. It was a good thing my friends were already seated and we could get food already, because I was starving!


Very fancy place, and there were tons of food options! I took a picture of mostly everything, so you’ll get a general idea of all the kinds of food they serve over at Yakimix and decide whether this is worth a try.


There is a whole section devoted entirely for sushi and sashimi. I got some Salmon sashimi from the sashimi bar, and it was pretty good. They also had some squid, octopus, Cold Soba Noodles, and other vegetables.


The sushi bar had like 15 types of different sushi. Most of them were pretty good, and I tried a little bit of everything. In general, once you dip it in that Wasabi and Kikkoman, it’ll always taste delicious.


I had some Cold Soba Noodles, some Salmon, and lots of different kinds of Maki and Sushi for my first plate. Japanese all the way!


They had a section for Shrimp Tempura and Takoyaki, which I always look for in eat all you can restaurants! It just isn’t complete without Tempura!


Also had a section for Chinese food. Chicken feet, siopao, spareribs, beef balls, siomai, you name it!


So for my second plate, I had a healthy serving of Tempura along with a lot of the Chinese food!


They have Pepsi and Nestea products for their drinks. It’s also unlimited refills, so that’s a big plus! They also have coffee and tea, which isn’t shown in the picture. I probably had like 5 glasses of their Blue Lemonade.


They also have this section where you can make your own Japanese soup, thought that was pretty cool.


There’s also a section where you can make your own Korean Bulgogi dish with the meat wrapped around the lettuce.


Here is their salad and fruits bar, with lots of vegetables and condiments, as well as different sauces and dressings.


They also have a section for raw meat, which is not intended to be eaten raw, mind you. It’s for the smokeless grill they have installed on each table. So you can select from a wide variety of fish, meat, vegetables. Basically, anything you can grill.


They have lots of choices, but personally, I just stuck to beef strips, since it was the easiest to cook. There are lots of options for chicken and pork as well, and done in different sauces, so there’s a wide range of different flavors for the smokeless grill.


Here is their smokeless grill! I just love the sound of the beef strips sizzling on the smokeless grill. Cooks in less than a minute, and then it’s straight to your mouth! Good stuff.


Now, I wasn’t as impressed with the other food choices. There’s a mixture of Filipino, Chinese, Japanese and other Asian dishes, and to be honest, some of them didn’t look all that appealing. There’s probably like 20 choices, but I nitpicked and only selected a few of them. Maybe I was already full from the first few plates.



Their other viands weren’t bad by any means, I just didn’t think they looked that appealing. However, the taste on some of the dishes I did try were good. Also, no lechon, for some of you who are looking for that in a buffet, thought I’d point that out.


So after all that stuffing of food, it’s time for dessert! They had this sort of dessert bar with gummi worms, candies and other cereals, which unfortunately, I wasn’t able to partake in because of the last call. They make last call at around 2:10 PM before shutting down at 3 PM. This is so they start preparing for dinner service.


There were also lots of choices like cake, mousse, panna cotta, mango float, and other cold desserts in bite sized pieces. It was actually good!


There’s also ice cream and a halo-halo bar where you can make your own sort of dessert.


Lastly, they have a chocolate fountain! With marshmallows and other ingredients. Thought this was pretty cool and complimented the dessert buffet nicely.


So, all in all, I think the Yakimix experience was good. It’s the newest eat-all-you-can restaurant, which seems to be making a trend here in Cebu. Monday to Friday, lunch is PHP 499.00 and dinner is PHP 599.99. Saturday, Sunday and Holidays, it’s PHP 599.00 for both lunch and dinner. Then there’s also a leftover fee, and a discount for younger children. I believe it’s 10 AM – 3 PM for lunch and 5 PM – 10 PM for dinner.

Just to put it out there, it’s much cheaper than Tokyo Table, and I will say that it’s comparable in terms of food options and taste, so this is definitely the better deal. Tokyo Table has a charge of PHP 799.00 and that’s VAT exclusive, so you have to pay an additional 12% after the bill is served, which I wish they would have mentioned beforehand. But good thing Yakimix is good on their price, 499 is 499 and 599 is 599. Good job!

Considering the price, you get a lot of options and unlimited drinks as well, so eating at Yakimix is a pretty good deal. They also have a promo if it’s your birthday! Basically, if you dine at Yakimix 7 days before or after your birthday, as long as you bring 3 friends along with you, you get to eat for free! So that ends up as a pretty good deal in my book. Just make sure to bring a valid ID. This promo is part of their restaurant, so it won’t end anytime soon. So maybe you might consider treating your friends or family to Yakimix for your birthday.

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I agree with everything you said! I’m wondering though if you know what’s in the dinner buffet that you won’t find in the lunch buffet thus the price difference?

Are you sure the food its good? Service was extremely slow, the squid i had was not fresh, i am.not sure if this is a paid blog review for them..

Totally disagree with you..Yakimix is overhyped, overpriced, and the food is not fresh. I wonder how much they paid you for this ‘review’.

This is not a paid review. What are you expecting with a buffet that’s priced at PHP 499-599? Maybe you had such high expectations. I said the food was good for the price that you’re paying. I didn’t say it was delicious.

Great article! Grabe naman…nagstart kayo ng 1 pm…last call na kaagad at 2:10 pm…kala ko hanggang 2 to 3 hours yung mga buffets…

felt like i’ve already been to the place after reading your article. very detailed and answered all of my questions before i even asked. thanks! great job! 👍🏼

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