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There’s this new restaurant in Cebu that’s been getting a lot of attention as of late. If you’ve passed by A.S. Fortuna Road in the last couple of months, then you’ve probably seen it. It’s a very small and unassuming area just along the road that doesn’t even have a designated parking area. Yet there are droves of people queuing outside, waiting up to 2-3 hours just to be able to dine and partake. Which restaurant am I talking about? It’s the restaurant known as Fat Dois.


Fat Dois opened its doors in a soft opening just this May 2017. It’s already October, and I thought that the initial hype that comes with most restaurants, would eventually die down. But that’s not the case with this restaurant, so they must be doing something right. I guess that’s a part of their appeal. There’s always a lot of people waiting outside, and that stirs up attention, and people in Cebu are always curious to try out the latest restaurants.


It was almost 9 in the evening and me and my girlfriend, Elaine, were already starving. We’ve always passed by this place and we never considered eating here before because of the long lines. I simply did not want to wait a couple of hours. But, as fate would have it, we had this opportunity when we passed by Fat Dois yesterday. I mean, it was already 9 PM. Surely, people would be done with dinner by this time, right? We were second in line, and right after I wrote down my name on the waiting list in front of the red door, a few more groups arrived. The hype is real. After waiting for about 10 minutes (hooray!) the waitress called out my name and we were seated.

You see that piece of paper in the middle? That’s the waiting list. You can’t even get inside, hence the many people waiting outside.


Once we were seated, I was surprised to see that it was still jam packed at 9 PM. People were enjoying their meals and having a good time. It’s a very cozy place, with only about 8-10 tables total inside, with a seating capacity of around 25-30 people at a time. The place gave off a very utilitarian vibe with scrap metal, burlap sacks, chalkboards, rope, lightbulbs and wooden tables and chairs as its interior decor. People were dining off of butane stove cookers, and that only added to the look and feel of the place even more.


Burlap sacks, Scrap metal, rope and wooden interiors

Writings on the chalkboard

License plates and wooden planks


Fat Dois has a very simple menu, hence the tagline CHIX X RIBS. They only have three main items on the menu which consists of Cheese Ribs, Cheesy Chicken (with 3 flavor choices of Spicy, BBQ and Garlic Soy) and Spicy Noodles with Spam & Cheese. These are all cooked in front of you over a butane stove cooker. They also have some side dishes like Kimchi Rice, Plain Rice, French Fries, and the option to go even cheesier with extra cheese! They’ve got Coca-Cola products and bottled water available for their drinks. The price is very affordable and their main dishes can feed 2-3 people.


Now, the most important part of any restaurant is if the food tastes good. It’s what keeps people coming back for more. Safe to say that the food in Fat Dois is good. Very hearty meals that are chock full of Korean flavor, with an overindulgence in cheese. This is all while being cooked over a butane stove burner. To say that it would make your mouth water is an understatement. Very instagrammable too.

Spicy Noodles with Spam & Cheese

The Spicy Noodles with spam & cheese was really good. The broth is spicy but not too spicy to where you wouldn’t enjoy it anymore. For some reason, the spam and cheese works really well with the Korean flavors. I enjoyed this dish a lot and they offered a very generous serving that’s capable of feeding 2-3 people.

Cheesy Chix in Garlic Soy

This dish was also cooking on the butane stove cooker when they brought it out. The magic unfolded once it started to cook and the cheese started to melt and mix with the chicken. I found that the soy garlic flavor was a tad bit too sweet for my liking, but it was still good. You really indulge in this particular dish. This is also good for sharing for 2-3 people. Check out the transformation of this dish in the picture below!

Melted cheese

Is there anything more indulgent than melted cheese on a dish?


All in all, I had a great experience dining at Fat Dois. They deliver a very hearty meal centered around melted cheese and familiar flavors that just hits home. The serving is generous and that factors into it being affordable for sharing. The place is nice if not a tad bit too small and cramped, but I think the waiting game is a part of what makes the place interesting, and the flavor after the wait doesn’t disappoint. I’ll have to try out the Cheese Ribs next time, and maybe their Kimchi Rice as well. I probably wouldn’t wait 2-3 hours to eat here, but if you can go really early or go in a bit late, then you can probably find a table without waiting for too long. Definitely worth a try.

Fat Dois is open every day of the week except for Friday. They are open during dinner service from 5:30 PM up until 10:00 PM. The restaurant is located at 888 A.S. Fortuna St., Banilad, Mandaue City. Just look for the restaurant along the side of the road with a bright red door nearby the Oakridge Pavilion.

You can check them out on Facebook and Instagram. Their contact numbers are 516-0628 & 0915-464-8458.

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UPDATE: As of October 4, 2018, Fat Dois has announced on their Facebook page that they will be temporarily pausing operations and closing for the time being.

UPDATE: As of December 8, 2018, Fat Dois has reopened. 

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