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Adventure at Papa Kit’s Marina & Fishing Lagoon!

Hello, everyone! Another backlogged post coming your way. This time, I’m writing about the adventure we had at Papa Kits! It’s a popular place here in Cebu, and has been in operation since around 2010, but I only got to visit the place recently.

We had our office team bonding around the last weekend of September, and I can’t believe I’m posting this now. It’s about 3 months late, but better late than never, right?

Anyway, Papa Kits Marina & Fishing Lagoon is a good place for the family and friends who want to have fun outdoor adventures without really leaving the city. It’s open from 6AM – 6PM from Monday to Sunday. Lots of outdoor activities to do, and the place is pretty huge. There’s something for everyone, whether it be fishing, horseback riding, wakeboarding, riding the ATV or bike, wall-climbing, trying the zip line or just enjoying nature. You’ll see more from the pictures when you scroll down!


After paying the entrance fee, which was PHP 100.00 (a portion of it is consumable for food or drinks at their restaurants), we were greeted by this lake, which has several cottages and the big house is the restaurant. There is ample parking space up front. If you have children under 6 years old, their entrance is free! There are also packages for you to enjoy which feature a combination of activities. You can rent a cottage, a fishing rod and bait (which is about PHP 150.00) and go fishing or enjoy several kinds of food from their restaurant by the lake. It’s pretty peaceful and fishing really takes patience and a bit of good luck!





You can rent the small cottages for you to fish and stay in for around PHP 100.00. The fish you catch, you end up buying. I believe it was somewhere around PHP 150-200 per kilo, and you can choose to have them fry or cook it for you as well! Note that the consumable portion of your entrance fee, you can use it to pay for the fish. It’s a fun activity for everyone to try at least once.


We brought lechon and our own food, and rented out the cottage. There are corkage fees, so please be aware of that. We didn’t order food from the restaurants, so I can’t comment on how the food tasted. Nothing like Lechon for a gathering!


We also ended up having an Amazing Race with several of the obstacles utilizing the activities in the park, and some mental challenges as well. This isn’t exactly the ideal place to have your amazing race because of the lay-out of the area, but we adjusted as best as we could.



There’s another area purely for watersports! We didn’t try the wakeboarding, but when our transportation cart passed by, some people were wakeboarding, and it seemed like a lot of fun.


There are several carts for transportation that just circle around, getting you from Point A to Point B, which is very convenient since the different activity centers are kind of far away from each other. But a good walk might do you good as well if you’re up for it!


You can try out the horseback riding. There will be a guide who will steer the horse along with a rope, and the pace is kind of slow and pre-determined, but it’s still worth a try! It’s good for around 15 minutes or so.


Or if horses aren’t your thing, you can also rent out a bike for an hour or two. There are also ATV’s available for rent as well!



There’s an aviary for you to look at some exotic animals, for a fee of course. It was around PHP 30.00 if I remember correctly.


You can also try and have a go at wall-climbing! I heard that if you’re able to climb all the way to the top (you get 2-3 tries) then you have a free pass for the zipline! But it is pretty hard, as they said that only around 1-2 people get to climb up to the top per month. Good luck with that!


Here we go. I took a picture of the tarpaulin with the rates of these activities.


There are two variants of the hanging bridge, the regular one and the Jungle Bridge!


It’s PHP 50.00 for the regular hanging bridge, but I recommend you try the Jungle Bridge adventure! It’s a bit more expensive at PHP 150.00 but I found it really worth it as it’s much longer, and offers different kinds of obstacles. I must warn you that if you go on the Jungle Bridge adventure, it’s geared more towards those who are fit. It is a challenge to complete.






The jungle bridge adventure is at least twice as long, and it has a portion where you swing from a rope like Tarzan!

It was a challenge, testing both the balance and coordination as well as teamwork, but it was really rewarding once we finished!


As to what I noticed, there were 3 restaurants in Papa Kits. One is near the fishing lagoon, the other is around the watersports area, and this one is where the zipline is! So you can take your pick as to where you want to stay and just chill if you’re not up to all the activity.




The main attraction is the zipline, which has you zipping over a lake. It has a real nice view, and depending on the wind, it can go either real fast or real slow. Because of the wind conditions on that day, we were stuck 3/4 along the way and had to be helped!

There’s the regular kind of zipline and the Superman type. Some of us tried it after the official team bonding. It was real fun, and it’s worth trying to give you that exhilarating feel and that head rush! Didn’t try the Superman type since I don’t think it’s worth the extra PHP 200.00 but to each his own!


All in all, it was a really great day, full of nature and adventure! I highly recommend it here. It’s not too far off from the city and there really is something to enjoy for everyone!

Some of the prices mentioned in the post might be inaccurate or outdated. Please call them to be sure you have a quote for the correct pricing.

You can reach Papa Kits Marina & Fishing Lagoon via the following contact numbers: (032)520-2116/0922-807-5594/0922-883-8012.

Sorry if the post isn’t that detailed, this was about 3 months ago, and I can’t recall it as well as I would have liked. My last blog post was also in October, so I am coming off from a writing rust. I hope it just comes back naturally. For now, please just enjoy the pictures and I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Until next time,



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  2. hello about the corkage fee how much did you pay ?

    • Hi! I don’t really remember the estimates, but I know that it’s a bit stricter for lechon and alcohol. Try calling them in advance so you can get a realistic rate should you decide to bring food from outside the venue. Thanks!

  3. I don’t usually comment but I gotta admit thankyou for the post on this great one : D.

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