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My Passport Renewal Experience at the DFA Cebu Office

Hey, guys! This latest post is about my personal experience with a passport renewal at the DFA Office here in Cebu. I know we all have bad notions regarding government agencies and how long it takes to process stuff, but let’s be honest, they do have to cater to a lot of people everyday, and we only look at things from our own perspective. We should help to build up, shape and improve the process, instead of just complaining and tearing stuff down with our superbly negative comments.


Anyway, I don’t really remember when I first applied for my passport, since I was a minor then and I just had to accompany my parents and make a personal appearance. A little wait and a picture for the camera, and voila, there was my passport. This was back when the DFA was located in the heart of Cebu City.

Now, the DFA Office in Cebu has transferred to Mandaue City. It’s located at the 4th floor of Pacific Mall (Formerly known as Super Metro) and specifically at the United Nations Avenue corner of Briones Street in Mandaue City. This was a good thing for me as it was much nearer to where I live.

The DFA in Manila has an appointment system so that people don’t have to wake up and line so early in the morning, but unfortunately, we don’t have that here yet. So, reading from personal blogs and friends comments on Facebook, they told me that I’d need to be there by 4 AM and some even said to be there by 3 AM.

This was kind of crazy, but if that’s how it is currently, so the only option is to line up early or have your passport application sorted out by a fixer. Which is illegal and could get you imprisoned. There are also travel agencies that line up for you, but you’ll have to pay an extra buck for this. I asked my friend who owns a travel agency, and you could end up spending an extra PHP 1,000-1,500 just for that express lane. Another option is if you’re a minor, senior or a person with disability, then you don’t have to line up and get a priority number, as there is a courtesy lane especially meant for these people.

There are also different requirements needed if you’re a first time applicant or if you’re just there to renew your passport. You pay the same amount, but the requirements such as your supporting documents and ID’s are different. I’ll try to post some pictures at the end with the information on some of this.

The first thing I did was research on the DFA website on the requirements. Good thing I had the necessary ID that was government issued, which was my driver’s license, and another one such as a school alumni ID. I also needed around 2-3 supporting documents, which was in the form of my TOR, CTC and Birth Certificate.

I also read blog posts from other people regarding their experience with the DFA, and it was also very helpful. Just do a quick Google search, they should be in the first page, and read all about it. I really wanted to prepare myself before heading over there so I wouldn’t waste any time.

I made a check-list of all of the stuff I’d need on the day, such as the requirements, and the snacks, water, reading materials, and the like. I’m not saying you should do this, but it really is helpful to have a checklist to be sure you haven’t forgotten anything. It would really suck if you were already at the DFA and you forgot to bring your driver’s license. Now, since I’m making this massive post, I took a picture of some requirements, reminders and the list of acceptable IDs and supporting documents, depending on whether it’s a first time application or a renewal. Check it out below.



After gathering all the requirements, I went to photocopy all of them. Better safe than sorry. If you also have the green passport, you should photocopy the first and last page, as this is also a requirement. If you do it before you head to the DFA, you’ll save a few minutes than if you went to photocopy your stuff inside the office on the day itself.

So, that was all the preparation I made the day before. I followed the advice of my friends to go there at around 3 AM to make sure that I’d be one of the first few in line. It really did sound crazy, but I read that the earlier you line up, the earlier you finish. No point arguing with that.

Set 3 alarms on my cellphone, to go off at 2:15, 2:20 and 2:30 respectively. Turned off the first two and finally woke up at 2:30 AM. Took a quick bath, brought out the car, and headed to Pacific Mall. There was ample parking space outside for both cars and motorcycles. I got there at 3:07 AM. There are already people lining up. On my count, I was around the 50th person there. I was really glad that I went early. Now, the camp-out!

I came prepared. Stocked my cellphone with 3 movies (all in 1080p, no doubt!) to kill time with, since I didn’t have a friend who tagged along. Got to talk to my neighbors in the line about the requirements and stuff, and it was helpful as they also offered some advice and they were knowledgeable with the line mechanics and stuff.  More people started to line-up, and they had to sit on the side of the street of the mall.


Watched Warm Bodies, which admittedly, I liked a lot. I wasn’t expecting too much, but it turned out to be real good! Maybe that, or I was just really sleepy! 2 hours passed. Switched batteries. The guard handed us application forms at around 5 AM. I filled it up, and went back to waiting. It was relatively easy to fill up. You can see the form in the picture below. Then I started watching Premium Rush.


Now, at around 6:30 AM, the line was moving. We submitted our application form and we were given a priority number in exchange for a valid ID. We were also told to come back at 10 AM. I got number 56. Not too shabby, I guess.


Had breakfast at Jollibee, and went back home for a nap. Felt much better, and headed back at around 9:45 AM. By this time, the mall was already open, and I headed to the 4th floor. No more waiting outside! The DFA Office space was actually very big, and it was airconditioned. There were also food stalls, and lots of chairs and benches. Really much better than the situation outside.

CAM02072 CAM02070

So basically, this was the outside waiting area. There is actually another area for entrance, and they call you by batches of 50. 1-50 and 51-100, so on and so forth. This was the reason of having a priority number. I didn’t take too many pictures of the inside anymore due to low battery status. But basically, the inside interior has a photocopy section, a notarial section, an information section, and the actual tellers to process the passport. It’s also airconditioned inside and there are seats inside. Good stuff.

After they called 1-50, I got in line for 51-100. Basically, after this long line, it was hassle free from there. I finished everything in about less than 2 hours. You go to different tellers in a step by step process, all until you reach the end. Each teller has a queue as well, so waiting time really can vary. But they advertise that the actual processing time of all the tellers is just around 24 minutes.


The first step is the processing area. This is where you submit your documents (IDs and supporting documents) for evaluation. They’ll ask you your parents’ middle names when they were single, so keep note of that! They’re going to require some photocopies or original documents from you. One thing I found weird is that if you were a first time applicant, you’d need to submit your original NSO Birth Certificate. But if it’s just for renewal, you’d only need the photocopy. She signs your application form, staples all the documents together, and forwards you to the next step.

The second step is the cashier area. You need to pay PHP 950.00 for a standard passport processing which is about 25 working days. You could also opt for the express processing which would be done in 15 working days, but you’d need to pay PHP 1,200.00. You can also opt to have LBC deliver it to your home. Prices and fees are shown below. Whatever you pay for, you just have to line-up and the teller will call you to pay the required amount before bringing you over to the next area.


The third step is the enrolment area. This is where you submit your documents from the first step, and your receipt of payment from the second step. After some waiting, you’ll be called to the teller. She’ll take a picture of you using their camera.

  • No glasses or eye contacts of different color.
  • Ears have to be visible.
  • No teeth or gums showing.
  • No necklaces or adornments around the neck.

After the picture, they’ll need you to affix your digital signature and your left and right thumb print. It’s all very quick. When the teller encodes your personal information, you’ll need to be vigilant, as you need to tell him/her if there is any wrong information or wrong spelling on any data fields that were inputted. It’s your obligation, as you need to sign a sort of waiver at the end, not holding the DFA liable for any incorrect information. Just double check and it’ll be fine! After a bit more waiting, and after you’ve signed that everything is in order, you are now done, and you’re told that you can claim your passport in the releasing area 25 working days from today. You just need to keep your receipt as shown in the picture below as proof of the processing. Hooray! You can now proceed to go home and rest!


That is actually the fourth step, which is the releasing area. You go back to the DFA office, and you don’t really need to line up and get a priority number anymore, as you’re just there for claiming. Unless you paid for LBC delivery, you’ll need to go back 25 working days from when you processed your passport. Note that there is still a hefty line for this, as lots of people also want to claim their passports. Shown below is the graph for the releasing of the passport, which I’ll have to do next month! Keep on reading to the next section for my time stamps and tips to get through the DFA Passport Application in a breeze!


Just for a more personal recording on how everything went down at the DFA, I kept recording my thoughts and their respective time stamps. Read below if you want to know my thoughts moment by moment.

2:30 AM – Had 3 alarms set on my cellphone at 2:15, 2:20 and 2:30 respectively. Guess which one I woke up to?

2:54 AM – All prepped and good to go. Here we go!

3:07 AM – I arrive at the DFA. Lots of parking spaces outside the mall. I see that there are like 45-50 people already lining up.

3:08 AM – In the line outside and I’m starting to feel the sleepiness kick in. Thinking of what movie to watch first. At least there’s a place to sit and it has ample lighting.

3:13 AM – Talking to my immediate neighbors in the line. Confirmed everything else I read online about the priority number and application form. Priority number is given by the guard at around 5 AM – 7 AM. Come back around 9 AM-10 AM.

3:16 AM – Burping the remnants of last night’s Lumpia. I hope I don’t need to go to the restroom during this entire ordeal.

3:17 AM – Finally decided to watch Warm Bodies. I don’t know. I need something light to watch. The guy next to me has Hot Choco. Smells good. But I know if I buy some, it’ll cause me to take some unwanted detours.

4:49 AM – Had to change batteries on my cellphone. Almost done with the movie. Really enjoying Warm Bodies. Just a feel good movie! About 45-50 people have showed up after me, bringing the total to about 100 of us.

5:06 AM – The movie is over. Ended up liking it much more than I thought I would. More people have shown up. The line is getting even longer.

5:15 AM – The guard is starting to hand out application forms and is telling us to fill it up in advance.

5:22 AM – Done filling it up. Easy for the most part, just basic information. Now for some more waiting.

5:29 AM – Don’t feel like watching another movie. Sun has risen and it’s shining bright.

6:26 AM – Decided to watch another movie since I really had nothing else to do. About 15 minutes into Premium Rush. Joseph Gordon Levitt! There are now about 150 of us lining up.

6:38 AM – The line is moving.

6:47 AM – Submitted my form. They gave me a priority number. Number 56. Not too shabby. Have to be back by 10 AM.

6:59 AM – Jollibee for breakfast. Thinking of heading home for a quick nap after.

7:11 AM – Heading home.

9:14 AM – After a nice nap, I’m heading back to the DFA. Time for round 2!

9:43 AM – The DFA office is on the 4th floor of Pacific Mall. Heading there now.

10:34 AM – Done watching Premium Rush. It was alright. While I was watching, the people with priority numbers 1-50 went inside already. Big waiting area with some food stalls. Airconditioned. Not too bad. More people waiting though.

10:48 AM – Guard calls out priority numbers 51-100 . Already inside. Processing is starting. There’s a priority lane for PWD, Senior Citizens and Minors.

11:00 AM – Done with the ID, supporting documents and appearance validation which is the first part. The teller just confirms if you are who you say you are. Remember your parents’ middle names! On to payment. 950 Pesos. If it’s a regular application or renewal, it’s 25 working days. Express application is 15 days processing, but it’s currently suspended as of late. August 7, 2013 is the claim date. 

11:10 AM – Done paying at the next teller. I’m in line for encoding, which is going to take my Biometrics and stuff. Picture. Thumb prints. Remember that the smile has no teeth or gums showing. And that your ears should be visible. No contacts or glasses. No necklaces and stuff.

11:46 AM – Finally done! Have my official receipt and I’ll be back here to claim it in 25 working days. Pretty efficient once you’re inside . Just a little bit short of 2 hours. Well, until next time!

Before I end, here are some thoughts and tips that I’d like to share with you guys:

  • Preparation is key. There are a lot of resources on the internet such as the DFA website and personal blog posts on the needed requirements and advice to help you get through this ordeal. All the requirements and valid documents are just listed on the site. You can also ask your friends who have went through this before. Come prepared and everything will go smoothly.
  • Don’t be afraid to talk it up with your neighbors. They might have interesting tidbits and stuff that may help you along the way. Everyone is willing to help, and who knows, you might just make a new friend.
  • There’s a photocopying station inside the office for your requirements, but I suggest you photocopy your IDs and supporting documents in advance so you can save a few minutes in the queue.
  • Bring stuff to help you pass the time such as a book or some movies and games on your phone/tablet. Another option is to bring friends who you can talk to. But also be sure to be attentive when they’re calling out names and numbers. You don’t want to miss out and have to do it all over again.
  • During the encoding process of your name and of your parent’s name, it’s your job to make sure the encoder is typing the right information. Make sure everything is correct or you could pay a hefty fine to correct it later. Make sure you know your mom and dad’s middle name when they were single!
  • All in all, the most important thing is to be patient. It’s actually just the initial line that takes a while, but the rest is a breeze.

It took about 9 hours, but I’m glad that I finished everything in half a day without requiring the services of a fixer or a travel agency. It just takes discipline, preparation, and most of all, patience. It actually felt fulfilling at the end of it all!

This is a massive post with a lot of information, and some of it could be inaccurate. This is my own personal experience and sort of guide to the next reader. If you find something wrong, please don’t hesitate to comment or message me and I’ll try to correct it for the benefit of all. If you have any questions, concerns, comments or opinions that you’d like to voice out, please feel free to do so.

Update: (8/26/13)


Got my passport! Didn’t have to wake up early for that, just went to the DFA at around 10:00 AM and the guard will direct you to the hallway at the side, which links directly for claiming of passports. Took less than 5 minutes. You just have to present your receipt and authenticate with your signature. I must say, the new passport is very well made! It feels kind of hardbound, and the page with your information and your contact details looks shiny and presentable. Can’t wait to get stamps, signatures and approvals on this little guy! Reminding you guys again, it’s 25 working days before you can claim your passport, unless you want them to have it shipped for you through LBC. So it’s really up to you if you think it’s worth the extra PHP 100-120 to have it shipped to your house.

Update: (12/29/2013)

I don’t know how long this has been in place, but apparently, basing off of the comments, Pacific Mall now has a Mall Priority Number that they start distributing at 9 PM the night before. So you get your Priority Number the night before, go the next day and exchange it with the DFA Priority Number. This kind of saves time for you having to wake up super early by at least ensuring it the night before and giving you some peace of mind. Will have to get more information about this. If anyone has any additional information, please feel free to comment below or shoot an e-mail at michaelbriantina@yahoo.com. I’d still prefer the appointment style by calling in advance, but this is also a bit better than waking up at 3 AM.

Update (01/28/2015)

Some acquaintances and friends of mine have told me that the applicants now have to wait in the street instead of the waiting shed, which I think is very stupid. The waiting sheds at least had light and a place for you to sit down. I don’t understand why Pacific Mall isn’t letting people stay there, for their safety and security. Also, back from my original update, it seems like the getting of the priority number isn’t being done the day before anymore, they’re going back to first come first serve on the day, which is promoting people to line up as early as 3 AM again. Personally, my suggestion would be to adapt an appointment system, kind of like how Manila does it. But only time will tell if they will do so.

Also, to those who keep on commenting and asking questions if the documents they have will suffice, please don’t expect me to answer that. You can check the files and pictures I used as well as the requirements and verify yourself. A little research and reading goes a long way! But again, many thanks to everyone who shared their experiences and stories. Hopefully in the next few years, passport applications and renewals will be easier to accomplish.

Update (02/05/2015)

My sister just got her passport renewed yesterday, but she had it coursed through with the help of a travel agency (boo!) so she had to pay a bit extra. A tip she gave me was instead of lining up real early (like at 3 AM), it might be worth a try to go late in the afternoon at around 3-4 PM. Sometimes, on busy days, there are no more priority numbers left in the afternoon, but when she went on a Wednesday afternoon, there were almost no people left and still some leftover priority numbers! The processing took around 30 minutes from start to finish because there were no people around! So maybe if you can spare the time, going on a late afternoon could help prove useful. If this method is indeed effective, please do share it in the comments section below!

Update (03/14/2015)

So I got two useful inputs from the comments section below. Read the comments section below, as people have been sharing their experiences during their own personal passport renewal. One person told me that going late in the afternoon around 3:45-4:00 PM was effective, as there was virtually no one around and she was done in about 30 minutes. Another person told me that Saturdays are indeed reserved for travel agencies, but once the people from the travel agencies are done at about 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM, you can go and process for yourself even without a travel agency. Thank you to everyone who has been providing input! It’s been really useful so far.

Well, hopefully this was helpful and a good read for you as well.

Until next time,



  1. you can go there 9am and get a priority number then they will tell you to be back 2:00 pm then you’ll be done before 4:00 pm. 3 Am? I like what the F!! 🙂

    • Haven’t confirmed this, but this also might be an option. It would really depend on the number of people applying on that day though.

      • thank u so much michael sa lahat ng impormation n binigay m at nabasa k lahat malaking tolung sa akin kng ano ang dapat kng gawin bago ako pumunta doon sa dfa,

      • Hi ask lang unta ko if pila ka days magpa rush. 🙂

      • zabatec28@yahoo.com

        October 5, 2016 at 10:40 am

        hello poh.ask sana ako f ok lang bah mag renew ng passport ko na may naka stamp na cancelled,kasi ayaw kunang bumalik sa amo a qatar.kaya nakita kuna nlng na may cancellation pala na nilagay nya.pwdi pa ba yan mag renew.sana tulungan nya ko.i need your advice,kung ok lng ba ako mag renew.

      • Online appointment pomabuti ang hindi po mabuti ay yung walang available time sa araw na gusto mo. Katulad na lang ng gusto mo kumuha sa araw na
        pwede ka para hindi ka makaabsent o sa bakasyon ang problema nag online ka sa february tapos wala ng available para sa april o di kaya sa march anonh kalokuhan to dapat iba yung sa renew kasi madali na lang cyamas mabuti pa yong nagpila ka my chance.talaga na hindi ma conflict sa schedule. Katulad na lang ngayon schedule sa april.28 tapos may dumating na memo na cmnar sa april 28 napaka frustrating po wala dapat limit sa online as long as maaccomodate nla punta ka ngayon sa dfa relax na relax na dahil yung iba nakaschrdule hndi na nakapunta.kasi nga tagal hntay nakaka disappoint.talaga ang ahensya na to

    • Hi, Thanks to ur post. Its really big help for others who wany apply. Btw, is it really 25days processing? I went ther to renew my passport last feb 16. And there posted in there wall that after30 days can get get passport and exclude. Sat And sun and holiday, like its 45 something days… im worried coz I need my passport before March 20. Do u have any idea if its real 30 days? Excluded. Sats and suns and holidays????? Hope u can answer. Yhank u!!!!

      • Hi, Nin!

        Glad it helped you out. I remember it was 25 working days (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and holidays) before you could claim your passport. Not so sure if this has changed now. But I do think it’s still 25 days. You can try calling DFA to confirm and check.


      • Thank you so much for reply! Everytime I call its always busy so tomorrow im going there, but thank you so much to your post and for replying everyone here. You did a great great job!! 👍👍

  2. its very helpful information,, but in my case that i want to renew my passport back home coz i have a vacation this year for 15 days and my passport will expire next year. how could i get it done the passport will takes 25 working days? and they dont have any online appoinments schedule?this is sucks…

    • You could try to call and see if their express (15 working days) processing is already available. You do have to pay a little extra. Or it’s also possible to schedule for a passport extension, but you have to call since I’m not familiar with the length of the extension. 🙂

  3. Is it possible not to bring NBI clearance? because I have the rests of other supporting documents and those valid IDs that are needed. … just for clarification as a first timer. tnx for your helpful info.

    • You only need a few ID requirements, not necessarily NBI Clearance. I believe it was 1 government issued and 1-2 supporting ID’s. Please just refer to the picture that has the requirements needed, how many government ID’s and how many supporting ID’s.

  4. Hello good evening I just a question. I processed my passport years ago like May 2011, but the thing is I didnt go back there to claim my passport for some reason. Now my question is can I still claim that passport from 2 years ago? or Do I need to process new paaport again? what should I do?
    Answers will be really a big help..please if possible send me an e-mail
    I would highly appreciate. 🙂

    • sent you an e-mail. best thing to do would be to just call or go to the office and head to the information booth. 🙂

    • hi i am fristimer of getting passport is this enought requirement 2 VALID ID and birth and form A 1
      and picture

      • Hi! I can’t say for sure what is enough and what isn’t enough, because in the end it is the DFA who will approve. Please check the pictures I have on the requirements for first time applicants, and you can go from there. It’s just there. Thanks!

    • my renewal was an addon of a rush extension so i didnt get research muslwf or sufficient info from my evaluator. all i knew was when i could get it by i didnt know that they would cancel passports unclaimed for 6mos or so the dfa website posted. and i dont live in manila and no one answers their hotline numbers. im also wondering if it really was cancelled and if i could renew it here at cebu. i just feel so regretful of the whole long process id have to redo.

  5. hey there, i was supposed to get my passport last aug 8 but i was out if town. would u know if i can still get tomorrow, saturday? i heard that they open saturdays for release…

    • Hi! I was supposed to get mine on August 7 too, but the week has been kind of busy. I’m not sure if they have releasing of passports on Saturday, but I plan to get my passport next week. Try contacting them at (032) 520-5898 or 523-6193. Please let us know if they do, maybe I can get mine tomorrow as well. 🙂

  6. Good Information.keep it up bro….

  7. Thank u for the info. This is really a big help. I have a plan to renew my passport and to get a new one for my girl friend. I hope ur experienced and adviced on getting your passport would be helpful for me and spend less time with it. Thank u and God bless!

  8. very informative … thanks 🙂

  9. Hi. I can confirm the accuracy of this blog, and many thanks for making it because it was a big help in our preparation.
    My girlfriend just successfully went through the process last week.
    She joined the queue at 2am and received priority number 96! (I’m not sure how many they give out.) She was finished the whole process, (having returned at 10am), at around 1:30pm.
    The real trick for us was obtaining sufficient & correct I.D. though, so I’ll post my experience of this.
    For her primary I.D. we hoped her high school picture I.D. would be sufficient, but the list only mentioned ‘college I.D.’ so I researched a lot and found the best, and in some cases perhaps the only, solution for the ‘primary’ I.D. — It is the B.I.R. I.D. — This was the key. It can be obtained in one day easily and at zero cost. The trick you have to remember though is to stand your ground at the B.I.R. office. You must not let them tell you that you cannot apply for the B.I.R. I.D. card. They will most likely try to tell you that you cannot apply if you are not employed, or that you cannot apply if you don’t have a bank account. Both of these things are completely untrue. The truth is in fact that everyone has the right to a B.I.R. I.D. card under E.O. 98 in order that they may ‘transact with government departments such as the D.F.A.’ ! If you insist that you are applying under E.O. 98 they cannot turn you away. They will give you a T.I.N. and when you have that you can proceed to another counter and ask for the I.D. card to be made for you.
    For the ‘secondary’ or ‘supporting’ I.D.s we found that the N.B.I. clearance can be obtained quite easily but make sure it is marked clearly ‘valid for overseas travel’ because she originally got one that said ‘NOT valid for overseas travel’ & I don’t think that one would have been any use.
    Also, the Police Clearance was very easily obtained, as was her Barangay clearance & her Voter’s ‘certificate’ (you won’t need the card & it takes ages to come through!)
    So, if you get those I.D.s and you have your original B.S.O. Birth Certificate you should have it all covered. Remember to take all your I.D. to the overnight queue because I’m pretty sure they took it all and evaluated it at that time.
    Someone had said that you must have a postal I.D. and someone else said you must have your baptism certificate. Both of these are definitely not true in our experience.
    I hope this is assistance to someone. The process of sorting through the I.D requirements almost killed me, so I hope this saves someone some serious stress!
    Best wishes.

    • Thank you, Malcolm! Your additional information and input on the ID’s and Supporting Documents needed will surely be of use to the other applicants.

      Everyone, please make sure that you comply with the requirements (ID and Supporting Docs) so everything will go smoothly at the DFA.


  10. With regards to Validity Extension, they did not honor the request letter that has been prepared instead they directed my friend to take an Affidavit which costs PHP 300 WITHOUT A RECEIPT. I immediately called their office and asked about this affidavit and a FE BALILING confirmed that they needed the affidavit for documentation and that the request letter is no longer accepted.

    I was just wondering why that particular info was not included in this blog.

    • Didn’t have any experience when it came to extension. I’m sorry this happened! Hopefully it’ll be sorted out better next time. To everyone reading, this should also be helpful if you’re requesting for an extension. 🙂

  11. aw sorry wrong blog.. ^_^

  12. hi..im planning to get passports for me and my 8 yr old son..do we need get a priority number for the both of us?or we can use the courtesy lane?thanks!

    • Hi! As far as I know, you don’t have to wake up at 3 AM (like I did) and you can jjust go to the DFA at around 9:30-9:45 AM (with your child) and they have a priority lane for children and senior citizens. Hope that helps!

    • Hi! As far as I know, you don’t have to wake up at 3 AM (like I did) and you can jjust go to the DFA at around 9:30-9:45 AM (with your child) and they have a priority lane for children and senior citizens. Hope that helps!

  13. I’m glad my post helped you! Well, I can’t say for sure. I waited 2-3 more days after the date on the receipt before I claimed my passport. Just wanted to be sure. You know how it is with the government agencies.

  14. Thanks for this post. It really helped me a lot. 🙂

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    article on building up new web site.

  16. mary ann candido garcia

    October 7, 2013 at 9:43 am

    hello Michael even mag renew sa passport still early pa rin

  17. Reynaldo Ellarina

    October 10, 2013 at 8:20 pm

    If I renew my passport, do I need to apply an appointment?

  18. Hello I want to renew my passport this Thursday and want to call their office to clarify if my documents are acceptable. But the numbers I found here on this page do not work. Is it that they are nit open during Wednesdays? What are theri working days and working hours?

  19. jennifer kibler

    November 1, 2013 at 2:04 am

    Ok ill be only visiting Cebu for two weeks is that possible i can have it in two weeks??

    • I don’t think so. Claiming is at least 25 days of waiting. Unless you have it mailed via LBC, I think it might be fine. Unless you’re going somewhere out of the country.

  20. Hi! Your post helps a lot. Thank you so much! 🙂

  21. Hi.. I’m planning to renew my passport and my 5 yr old son.. Do we have to line up at 3am?

    • Hi, Ma’am. Luckily for you there’s a line for children and senior citizens. You can just go straight to the DFA at around 9 or so and they’ll accomodate you. 🙂

  22. Was actually about to post comment here last night to say I had a good read, but for some reason I couldn’t. Anyway, I’m at the DFA now, still outside though, as its not yet 8am.. But this can be of great help to the ones who are still to go. They already give out priority numbers at 9pm before your day of visit. This actually saves you time, and effort, and all the energies on Earth lining up at early dawn. In my case, I arrived 5:30am, and I got 232nd slot! Wow! So I was told I need to be back by 11am. They cater 500 people a day.

    Will keep u posted should I find another info that might be of help at the end of today 🙂

    • This should be of great help! So can anyone else confirm that you can get a priority number 9 PM the day before? Thanks for your input! Hope you get your passport in a jiffy! 🙂

      • And oh, I posted it late again lol! Right now, at 12:50pm, they are still on # 170. So maybe readers can estimate pacing at least.. Will get a photo on that 9pm giving out of priority number notice when I’m done. They posted it right in front of the main entrance (ground flr where you can see the guard). Not so sure though if I can post it here 🙂

  23. I’m applying for renewal of passport today and they have new rules on the priority numbers effective Oct 2013. 9 pm to 6 am the following day- releasing of priority numbers by the Pacific Mall. 6:01 am to 6:30 am falling in line based on priority numbers released by pacific mall (the guards will instruct you where you go); starting 6:31 am, DFA will replace your Pacific Mall priority number with DFA priority number after submitting the form and ask you to come back at a later time. My Pacific Mall priority number was 128 (i arrived at the mall 3:15 am) and it was replaced by No. 115 by DFA. I was informed to return at 11:00 am. Prepare valid ID and NSO to get your priority number (pacific mall)

  24. Thanks for this information! Planning to renew my passport on January 1st week.Glad i have read your blog.I didnt know DFA Cebu was now transferred to Mandaue quite far from the sea port already since im from Bohol.Hope i can renew it with no much hassle.

  25. Im really thankful to come across this very-well-said-informational-blog. Planning to have my passport processed today. just waiting for the time and getting ready in a while. dont have this priority number from pacific mall though. im just hoping that they can still accomodate me.

    • I hope the sharing of my experience will help you in your passport processing! Yeah, I’m kind of unfamiliar with the Pacific Mall Priority Number. Here’s to hoping you get a good priority number from the DFA. Cheers!

      • Currently in DFA now, and yes I can confirm that Pacific Mall will be providing the temporary priority number from 9p-6:30a. I thought I was too early because there’s only about 5 of us.. But when I ask the guard if can have my passport processed still without their number, and he said yes I still can and he check my birth cert first before he gave me the temporary number 205 and a form to fill out and told me to come back at 6am. But then i planned to stay instead.

        • I see. I’ll edit my post with this information soon. Thanks for this, Ann. Hang in there! They’ll most likely have you back in the early afternoon.

  26. informative blog!!! thanks.. keep in touch.

  27. Hi Michael, your entry has helped me a lot and inspired me to write so I can help other people. It’s so much similar to yours, here it is http://crossingpulauujong.wordpress.com/2014/01/15/getting-my-ticket-to-the-world/

    and the process is a little bit different now, and lengthier (for me who got there late). I hope this can help your readers! 🙂

    • Wow! This is such a flattering comment. I skimmed through your blog post. Congratulations on getting your passport! That in itself is already a small achievement. Haha! Thanks for sharing your experience. Hope you get to claim your ‘ticket to the world’ soon! 🙂

  28. Hello Michael…I will apply for my kids passport,a 3year old and a 4 months old…do I need to go early in the morning to get a priority no.? or there is a priority lane for minors?…I guess u mentioned it on the first part. Just want to make sure …Thanks

  29. Hello Michael, are they still giving priority number night before and exchange on the next day for FDA priority number? Some updates?

  30. I will renew my passport next month FEBRUARY 2014. I have with me government issued ID’s and birth certificate. Do I need to bring more? Please enlighten me. TY

  31. Hello Michael, will the Php.1200 peso-option let me have my passport within 7 working days?
    Im a bit confused actually. Some say, its 15 working days and others would say its only 7 days.

    Thank you.

  32. so with my 7year old child tagging along would mean courtesy lane privilege?

  33. Reinante Ursabia

    January 28, 2014 at 5:41 am

    Hello Michael..I’m glad to see your blog and it gives me update about the renewal of passport. My passport expired already 3 years ago, i do not know if fined for late renewal will be applied or have to pay same amount. Your blog saves time for those who renew or first timer to apply passport. Keep posted so others may update too.God bless

  34. Hi! Thank you for this very informative post. My husband and I are planning to renew our passports and we plan to stay there in Cebu for the night since we are from Bohol. Do you know of a hotel near DFA office?

    • Hi! I’m not sure if there are any nearby hotels since the DFA is inside a mall and is next to a national road or highway. Best bet would be somewhere along Mandaue City, which is one ride from Pacific Mall. Best of luck! 🙂

    • the nearest hotel from DFA is DOHERA HOTEL few blocks from flyover along M.L. Quezon Ave. going to mactan , second is the semi motel like ANDY HOTEL hi-way seno and the others are in banilad areas

  35. Hi Michael! Thanks for the tips.. I live in SAmar province and I have plans to renew my passport in Cebu, because typhoon Yolanda damaged the DFA regional Office in Tacloban City. But I could only go to Cebu on Saturday evening and visit the DFA office on Monday. My I ask if the DFA gives out priority numbers on a Sunday? And for those who renewed their passports in Tacloban but have not received their passports yet (due to Yolanda), can they get instead their passports in Cebu? Do they have to notify DFA Central Office for them to get their passports in Cebu? Thanks a lot!

    • Hi, Elena. To be honest, I can’t answer your questions with a yes or no. But I do believe that it still follows that they’ll give priority numbers the night before even if it is a Sunday because the mall is still open on Sundays. Then I’m not sure about being able to claim your passport in DFA Cebu if you registered in Tacloban due to the recent typhoon. It’s an isolated case, and I think it’s best that you ask them when you can head over to the office. Best of luck! 🙂

  36. Hi! I’m planning to renew my passport on Monday as well as to apply a passport for my 11 y.o daughter.. Is it ok if I’ll be the one to line up for her at dawn to get a priority number? Then I’ll just bring her along when I already have a scheduled time. thank you

    • Hi! This, I’m not sure about. Your daughter is above the minors (8 years old below) minimum for the priority lane. But I’m not sure if you’d need to get two priority numbers, but I think you’d need to bring her as you need to help fill-up the form. Cases like this, maybe you should just call the DFA to be sure.


  37. hi! i would like to ask the requirements for the renewal of the passport. i got my passport last july 2013 and it’s the old passport. if i’m going to renew it, is there any documents needed? how much will it cost? and do you have any idea about the process there in DFA?

    • Yes, if you’re going to renew your passport, you’d still need the required government documents and ID’s. Fees and processes in the DFA are all discussed in detail in the post. Please just read and you’ll find all the information there. I’m just a bit curious why your passport is the old one when you got it in July 2013, it’s around the same time I got mine. Anyway, hope this helps. Good luck!

  38. By the way is Postal ID acceptable?

  39. mc lester gabaca

    February 7, 2014 at 4:33 am

    hey i just ask if you have info regarding Extension of passport? i need to renew early THIS MONTH ( i still have 11 months after it expire issued last January 2010 because im applying to certain shipping company and they need at least 1 year validity) its the maroon one but not an E-PASSPORT..I also read and saw on tv news that any passport that is not an E-PASSPORT can only be extended until November 2014.. Should i opt to extension or JUST RENEW IT FOR SURE?

    • I’m not familiar with the details of the e-passport, but the most recent one is the maroon one. But if that’s what it says on the news, I think it’d be best if you just renew it for sure. I’m sure it’s not worth the hassle to extend it now, and have to have it extended/renewed again come 2014. Best to just make it a one time thing for the next few years. Best of luck!

  40. mc lester gabaca

    February 8, 2014 at 12:22 am

    i have been in my agency for months for office duty (last October i ended it) E-PASSPORT are those passport with a Symbol like a flag with a letter “O” in it .it is BELOW the front cover word PASAPORTE. YOU HAVE THAT ON YOUR passport…this type of passport are easily verified to immigration database (if you go out the country for any purpose) i dont have the detail how it works but -in short your passport is electronically monitored..it means less hassle of waiting…

  41. hi! where will I get this Notarized Affidavit of Support and Consent? Do I still need this if my child is travelling with me?

  42. Thanks for sharing, Michael! God bless!

  43. Im 17 and my mom wants me to get my passport renewed (she is abroad) do i have to let my dad accompany me? Can i still use the courtesy lane? Thanks btw, your blog totally helped! 🙂

  44. so if i planned to get a passport on monday, i need to get a priority number on sunday evening? and if i got the number i need to go to DFA like 6am?
    its my first time mike and this is a big help…..
    bigyan ng jackie chan! 🙂

  45. hi, if there are five of us in the family, all adults, should all of us go to PM to get a priority number for each one of us?

  46. Hi Michael,
    thanks for this blog very helpful 🙂
    for the new update. I need to go at 9pm to get the mall priority number then by tomorow 6am i need to get the priority number from their employee is this correct?
    is there exact time for the distribution of the mall priority number does it start exactly 9pm or before that?
    again thanks.
    best regards,

    • Hi, Ed! Yes, you get the Pacific Mall priority number then exchange it with a DFA priority number the next day. I’m not sure if it starts exactly at 9 PM. I heard that they start handing our priority numbers once the mall closes, but I could be wrong. Best to just go at around 7-8, stroll around the mall and inquire every now and then. 🙂

      • Ah ok. Thanks 🙂

        One last inquiry though, there nothing faster than 15 days right? Even if there is an additional fee?

        Best Regards,

  47. Hi Michael,
    My mother will be getting her passport soon. She’s not a senior citizen yet so i guess she wouldn’t be allowed on the courtesy lane. Do you think my sister can get her priority number from Pacific mall for her? Will they allow it?

  48. My daughter is applying for a passport. She went there at 5pm yesterday to get the Pacific Mall number. She was issued No. 133 although she was 10th in the line. Perhaps they issued numbers earlier. The guard checked her docs, got the original NSO birth certificate and told her to return at 6am the following day (today).

  49. wachinstrumentalist

    March 14, 2014 at 10:45 am

    Good Job Michael! This really helped me accomplish this feat of great proportions… As an update, Pacific Mall is giving out the numbers starting at 5pm.
    My events:
    9:00 pm(previous night): got prio 186 at 9pm
    6:00 am: claim official DFA number, was told to return at 11 am. My new prio number is 187.
    11:45 am: got back at DFA
    12:30 nn: they called my name
    3:45 pm: Finished!

  50. Hi, I actually have kind of a lot of questions about replacement for mutilated passports. Do we still need to bring those IDs/ the passport requirements that are needed for first time passport applications or just the affidavit for mutilated passport without those passport requirements? And does it have a different process with the first time passport application? Thanks! 🙂

  51. Thank’s a lot
    hapsay jud ang akong pag apply as a renewal applicants sa pagbasa nako sa imo page.
    piro naa lang loy dako nga problema nibisita ko sa ako friend atong niagi sa may Brgy Lorega and dako nako nga probleme nasunog and area in i was there.!
    Karun and problema kay unsa and angay nako buhatun nga nasunog man ang ako recibo.Ang ako claim schedule karung March 31,
    Please reply sa ako email..

  52. Thanx for ur info, and im planning to renew my passport dis coming monday 31 March, I just want to know if d mall gives priority number on sunday nyt.

  53. hi! ASk lang po kung anong contact no. sa LBC sa DFA, Cebu yung passport ko po released March 14, 2014 then makuha daw 3-5 days until now wala pa yung passport ko.. Pina.OT ko para madali taz until now, wala pah.. plzzzz help me.. paano ko macontact ang LBC, DFA..
    from Leyte kasi ako/…

    • Please try searching LBC contacts and talk to their customer service to link you with their DFA service. Thanks. 🙂

      • march 31 yung release sa akin. Walang sinabi sa akin kung thru LBC lang ipapadala or sa DFA releasing counter area. naka tie-up pa pa rin ba ang LBC at DFA sa pagpapadala nang mga passport? Best Regard, at very INFORMATIVE BLOG, “Keep It Up”

        • You should have a tracking number or some sort of confirmation on your receipt. I think calling the DFA and inquring will do wonders. 🙂

  54. Hi,is there an information desk or booth in there where I can ask problems about my requirements for passport?,have you ever heard that they will accept joined affidavit for the misspelled middle name of my papers from my NSO which I just got 1 week ago?

  55. required po ba talaga ang NBI clearance ? I don’t have one because super bagal ng process. after 3 months pa. 🙁
    i have other documents instead like brgy. clearance, community tax certificate, college transcript of records, baptismal, school ID. would this suffice? 🙁

    • I’m sorry. I can’t be the one to judge if your records would or would not suffice. Please just check the photos for the requirements and read the fine print. Hope it helps. 🙂

    • basta meron kalang dalawang government ID’s like driver’s license id at voter’s id plus yung original copy ng NSO mo, pasok na yan…..kung wala ka pang NBI pwde mo i.submit yung TOR mo or police clearance if meron ka. share ko lang din ito kasi iyon lang hininge sa akin sa nagvalidate ng mga documents ko. may NBI rin akong dala noon pero hindi nila hininge, photocopy lang ng id ang ibinigay ko at ipinakita yung id ko para verification at original ng NSO.

  56. Are 17 year olds still considered as minors?

  57. Hi! I just want to know what the range of minority is. Are 17 year olds still considered as minors? I’m planning to renew my passport this year. 🙂

  58. Hi.. ask unta ko if dili na ba kinahanglan magpaappointment if magrenew ka sa passport diha cebu kay plan nako diha nlng ko magrenew kay diri sa manila by appointment mn nya sa 21 of april na ang pinakasayo, mejo nagdali raba ko. Please help me..
    Thank You..

    • hi, wlay appointment system here in Cebu. That’s only in Manila as far as I know. You just have to line up the day before to get a priority number to get served the next day. Best of luck! 😀

  59. hi! good day! sure jud n nga evening n n cla manghtag ug priority no.? mga wat tym mgsugod an line 4 priority no.?

    • Hi, based on the comment sa usa ka person here, they said 5 PM daw the day before cla mag.start ug hatag ug priority number. Hope this helps. 🙂

  60. Hi,
    Giving out of mall priority numbers starts at 5:00PM and ends at 6:00AM the following day.

  61. does anyone know if the DFA office in Tacloban is open? thanks 🙂

  62. Does anyone knows if tacloban DFA is open..plss..thanks

  63. update lang po mga kapuso/kapamilya:)
    7am na cla mg.hatag ug priority #, the day u want 2 renew or get a new pp. ni.adto ko Monday 5pm wla ko g.tagaan ug # nla..ugma nlang daw ingon guard.
    mao ni ako eventsTuesday nani..
    4:30 am: i arrived there, no more available seats
    7:00 am: they give me my priority #(no.201)
    12:00pm: went back there, after few mins my prior.# was called
    3:50 pm: finished processing:)

    hope this will help u, btw april 23, 2014 ko ng,renew pp.. tc, God Bless

  64. sorry lang sa grammar ko:) heheh

  65. Sir question lang. May priority lanes po ba for application ng children? Do we still need to get the priority number if i-apply lang ang child (7 years old) or pwede na diretso? Thank you.

    • There’s a priority lane for children, so you don’t have to wake up too early. You can go there at around 9 or so. 🙂

  66. Thank you sir! Much appreciated. 🙂

  67. kimmy laine rabe

    May 16, 2014 at 10:57 am

    Hi. Ask ko lang open ba sila saturday for passport renewal? Thanks

  68. Thank you for this blog. It help me a lot. I’ve renewed my passport yesterday at DFA Cebu and yes, they went back to the original giving out of priority numbers. May nilagay din silang malaking bulletin dun na since April 14, 2014 the giving out of priority numbers is @7am. Ito po yung experience ko kahapon.
    3am = Arrived and ang daming tao na. #139 na yung temporary number ko kasi gumawa sila ng own listahan. Sa may kalsada kami tumambay kasi di pa pwedeng pumasok sa area.
    4am = Pinapasok na kami sa may terminal area. So from that, nagprovide sila ng plastic chairs hanggang sa may Jollibee area. Buti nakaupo pa ako. Tip ko lang sa inyo guys, magdala kayo ng pamaypay, handkerchief and mga white flower liniment chorvas kasi sobrang baho ng canal. Ewan ko kung bakit. Di ako maarteng tao pero nakakamatay yung baho, kahit yung mga ibang nakapila muntik ng mahilo. Hehe.
    6am = Handing out of DFA forms to fill. Yung sakin, nagprint ako in advance thru DFA site and filled it para wala ng hassle.
    7am = Giving of DFA priority #s. The guard will check first your form and valid picture ID. Labas niyo agad ito kasi magagalit yung guard kung diyan niyo pa ilalabas sa harap niya. Then we went inside and temporarily give the forms to the DFA employees. My number is #117 and babalik by 11am. Nagulat ako sa # ko kasi lumiit. Hehe. I think kasi di daw pwede ikaw kukuha ng priority number for your friends, dapat daw direct family only.
    Tapos, I take my breaskfast agad. Don’t worry guys, Chowking & Jollibee fast foods at Pacific Mall opens @3am.
    11am = Tinawag yung mga 100-150 na numbers. Tapos, the guard will hand back your DFA form in exchange of your priority #. Then he grouped us according to renewal and first timers. Pinapasok kami una yung mga for renewal.
    And as for the requirements, DFA form, photocopy of Driver’s license & old passport lang yung pinasa ko (also bring the original copy for validation). Don’t worry kung may nakalimutan kayong ipa-photocopy kasi may photocopy machine inside the DFA office. And the good thing is may teller (processing area & enrollment area) each for first timers, for renewal and special cases (senior citizen, child etc) kaya mabils talaga ang processing. Pero sa cashier, they only have one so be prepared na mas uunahin nilang i-cater yung mga senior citizen and the likes.
    1pm = Tapos na! Hehe. Medyo natagalan kami ng konti kasi nagbreak mostly yung mga tellers kasi its lunch time na kasi.
    So let’s all be patient lang talaga. And all the people inside are very friendly. If you get lost, the guards inside the DFA will help you! 😀
    Thank you again for this blog, it made me prepared for the passport processing! All the best!

    • Wow! Thank you so much for the update, Yenzz! I’m glad this post was able to help you too! Thanks for sharing your tips and letting us know how it went for you. 🙂

  69. Its true dfa will start giving out priority number on the day you will apply. We went there at 2:00 am, im number 96 on the list my cousin was number 95. We fall inline along the highway outside pacific mall vicinity. The guards dont allow people to go in till 5 in the morning, yet we can see guards placing the chairs arround the entrance or lobby of the mall. The first person on the list will sit close to the dfa door then followed by the person 2 person 3 and so on.
    First at 5:30 they start giving out the passport form that you should fill up.
    Second at 6:45 the line is moving because they are giving priority numbers.
    The first guard verified our requirements and the lady dfa agent collected our passport form and checked the valid ids.
    7:00 to 9:00 am
    We just sitting down and eating inside the mall at this time coz the dfa will open at 9:00 am.
    Were done exactly 2:00 pm the same day.
    Kapoy kaayo kay daghan mga minors ug senior citizen sila ang gi una bisan wala sila nangadlawon ug talay sila jud ang gi una.
    Ang pagka pait naay problema ang machine sa manila delay ang releasing sa passport.
    Useless kun mo bayad mo ug rush kay delayed japon.

    • Thanks for sharing too, Kitty! It really is same day processing then. And delays on rush processing? Hmm. Well, what can we do. Thanks again! 🙂

  70. Hi! Thanks for the info and all the comments especially the updates it was very helpful as i’m planning to renew my passport. I visited the this website: http://www.passport.com.ph/info/requirements/for/courtesylane
    and read that gov’t employees and their parents, spouse and unmarried children can avail the courtesy lane. But like the appointment system, is it only available in manila or there is in cebu? I see nobody asked about this yet and i just want to clarify.
    And also, can we park at the mall parking lot at dawn? Again Thank You so much 🙂

    • There’s no appointment system in Cebu. You really just have to line up. And yes, I was able to park my car at Pacific Mall’a Parking Lot at 3 AM. 🙂

  71. hi !! me and my mothers who’s a senior citizen will process our passport within the week. do we still have to go early as 3am? or i can accompany her on the courtesy lane?

  72. Wat day ka mukuha ug priority number for monday transaction?thanks 🙂

    • Monday morning. Kadlawn. 🙂

      • Every monday daghan kaayo ug tawoooooo….. Kay ang uban mga dili taga cebu mo kuha pod. I suggest mo adto ka ug dili monday . Kun mo adto ka monday ala dose sa kadlawon tu a na ka mag lista sa imo name sa listahan. Kay pag alas dos sa kadlawon 100 kapin na ang tawo. Mahitabo ra ni kun monday

  73. Guys, magkuha passport ako GF..okay ra ba ni if mao ra dal on.. NSO, SSS ID, Company ID, SSS E-1, Cedula, TOR…

  74. very informative. just wanna ask, i need to renew my passport the soonest time for my trip abroad but i only have vAlid IDs and a photocopied NSO. Kung magkuha man ko ug new NSO it takes another couple of days and im in a hurry.,.. Will the photocopied NSO be enough? pls let me know..

  75. Hi. I am about to renew my passport within this week. I am happy to know that the list of requirements for renewal is short 🙂 but I am having a hard time since I just graduated from college and we were made to surrender our ID. I already read the list of acceptable IDs and I dont have one on the list. What i have is my ID from a review center. Is it valid? It has my complete name, signature and picture.
    And for the supporting documents, i have my TOR and police clearance, CTC & brgy clearance. Is this enough?
    I am planning to visit the mall tomorrow and ask someone (maybe the guard) who could verify and evaluate my documents before I go an all nighter the next day. Thank you for your blog! I really find it informative, reliable and updated as well :)))

  76. Today, I went to the beachfront with my kids.

    I found a sea shell and gave it to my 4 year old daughter and said “You can hear the ocean if you put this to your ear.”
    She placed the shell to her ear and screamed.
    There was a hermit crab inside and it pinched her ear.

    She never wants to go back! LoL I know this is entirely off topic but I had to tell someone!

  77. hi thank you for your post. are they open during saturdays and sundays for processing?

  78. Thanks for these blogs, such informative and helpful, planning to process mine probably this Thursday or Friday.
    It’s my first time though, and I am not familiar with the streets and everything in Cebu since Im living in Samar but I’ll try my luck, i’ll took all those hints you posted guys. From the port can I take a walk going to Manduae or taking a cab/taxi is much preferable, what yah think?

    Comments and friendly advice are all welcome.

    • Hi! I’m glad to have been of help to you.

      From the port, I think you should just take a cab, walking isn’t really recommended unless you’re familiar with the streets. 🙂

    • Sakay jud ug taxi kay from pier 1 to madaue pacific mall took 1 hour among taxi unya traffic pa jud to.

  79. Are the supporting documents like the TOR, baptismal and others supposed to be original? I have a copy of my ToR the one i used in the board exam… Is that okay? And after are they gonna be returned to you? It will be my first time

  80. Hi, i just wanna ask if all the supporting documents should be original copies like the TOR, SSS-E1, cedula…etc? Or photocopies only? And are they gonna return it after.?

  81. Good day! is there any Iinn or hostels in the City of Cebu that are quite affordable yet safe and neat to stay for over a night?

  82. ma’am, good day! i would like to ask something, my passport has been lost and i want to get another one, what are the requirements?

  83. Hi went there yesterday (saturday), theyre open but they dont entertain individual applicants. Saturdays are just for traveling agencies a.k.a “fixers”. I was really disappointed. They even posted it in their website that they have saturdays 9-3 pm. Kung gusto ka mohangyo mangita kag travel agent didto pero mobayad kag double sa processing fee.

    • That sucks to hear. Well they’re open on Saturdays, but not really “open” per se. Thanks for this information, I’ll include it in an update on my post.

  84. NBI and NSO birth certificate enough na na xa..
    then present mo 3valid i.d’s. Philhealth i.d.. Tin i.d ug postal i.d..
    Based on my experience..
    Ming adto ko at DFA cebu at 9 in the morning.. Then ako priority # 536..
    Then at 2pm mubalik daw ko.. Daun pag ka 3pm. Humana ko. . Basta pls avoid lang jud.mu adto ug afternoon kay di na mu release ang guard ug #.

  85. pwede po mgtanong??sino po may contack number sa dfa cebu p.mall?tatawagan ko sana d kasi naipadala nila passport ko sana lastweek pa yun….

  86. hello.my uncle wants to renew his passport.what requirements he needs to bring?tnx

  87. Hi Guys, I had applied for a passport for my son who is 2yrs old and my daughter who is 1yr old. When we received the passports there was an error in my son’s surname while my daughter’s surname was correct. When we had filled out the forms at the time of applying everything was correct. We had called DFA and told them about the error and they have asked us to go back and have it corrected. Now do we have to stay in line and get the priority number even for the correction or can we just walk in with my kid anytime during the day. Kindly do let us know asap & thanks Michael for all the info. Godbless you…

    • Hi, Jude! This seems to be a special case, so I don’t have any particular answer for you regarding that. Maybe you can try calling the DFA and ask. Thanks!

  88. Hi! By working days, does it only mean from Mondays to Fridays? Because I’m not mistaken DFA’s office schedule is until Saturday. Just checking. Will need the passport exactly a month from now. Thank you for the info! It helped!

  89. Hi, your blog is really a great help for me. But I just would like to know if how can I get an application form?.Will the DFA will provide the application form when I ma at their location or I can print an application form from their websites?

  90. hello is it possible na muhatag sila ug information if ever na release na ang passport or wala pa like calling them in their hotline para ma dili nalang mag balik2x ug adto sa mandaue? thanks and Godbless

  91. where can i get passport form.Is it a new form or same as the old form?thanks

  92. Jonas Karl Borbon

    September 9, 2014 at 5:16 am

    HI there?

    i appreciate you sharing to us your personal experience in how did you apply for your PASSPORT. By the way, do you have an update already with regard to the priority number from the mall in exchange of the DFA priority number? I am quite confuse how does that work. I am planning to go there by monday so can i go there by Sunday? I heard as well that distribution time is around 5 pm? but yours was 9 pm? dunno how which one is true, ahehehheeheh. anyway, i will be happy if you can share to us an update?

  93. Mag apply ko with my husband and 2 children age 9 and 5 yrs old…need ko pa kuha priority number…Thanks

  94. Tnx bro.. big help for us

  95. can you get the passport after 7 working days?

  96. Hi, can I apply for a passport during Saturdays?

    • Hi! As far as I know, they usually cater to people who have an appointment with the travel agencies who arranged for a renewal of their passport. Not sure if you can directly apply. 🙂

  97. Good day!
    I`d like to ask for the verification and examination of my passport as to it`s authenticity that was confiscated last June 6,2014 at Mactan-CEBU INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, by SI Melvin A. Rabuya. For further details of my passport number -EC0084008-John Henry B. Tesorio Jr.

    Hoping for immediate action with this regard.
    Thank you

    • Hi. I don’t think I’m the correct person to help verify the authenticity of your passport. Best move would be for you to go to the DFA and have it verified there. Thanks! 🙂

  98. Hi michael i plan to renew my passport.. enough naba ni ako xerox nga birth certificate ug old passport? Salamat

    Mel of leyte

  99. Hi just want to ask pano pag narenew na ang passport last year and i need to change my surname because im married na?

  100. BIR TIN ID
    SSS-1 FORM

    yan po young requirements na meron po ako and will photocopy all of these.OK na po kaya yan?? Need your urgent reply po.. New applicant nga po pala ako..

  101. BIR TIN ID
    SSS-1 FORM

    yan po young requirements na meron po ako and will photocopy all of these.OK na po kaya yan?? Need your urgent reply po.. New applicant nga po pala ako..

  102. Hi Michael, I’m planning to go to DFA to apply for a new passport. I’m a government employee, is it okay that I will be there during Saturdays for I can’t make it during weekdays?

    • Hi, Ivy. I’m not very sure if you can process on Saturdays, because I know it’s also blocked for travel agencies, but if you do get to try, please let us know how it goes. I’d assume it’d be much more crowded on the weekends. Good luck! 🙂

  103. Thanks, Michael. I will try, and I’ll feedback after. Until then.

  104. Awesome detailed account!

    Just wondering though, how many days in total did you wait for the release of your passport?

  105. Very very informative! Ur post helps a lot! Thank u.

  106. excuse me po, pwde ra ang TOR kay copy ra sya wala paman gud na release ang original TOR sa among school pro naay stamp nga okay sya sa pag release sa TOR copy.. okay ra ug kana ang gamiton?

  107. Hi..ask lng po i been applied a passport i choose to deliver it thru lbc but i loss the passport receipt i only left the lbc tracking number..can i still claim it with out any problem..?thanks..

  108. Hi guys!! effective ang pag adto nako sa Pacific Mall para magkuha ug passport. I went there around 3:45pm and within 15-20mins DONE!!! Just please complete your requirements para nay problem.
    Good luck

  109. h! As what I have promised to give feedback regarding renewal of passport during Saturday, It’s rally true that Saturday is a special day for travel agency, but we are also accomodated by the time they are through. It’s about 11 am till 3 in the afternoon. So, if you are employed, Saturday is the best day for you. Anyway everybody is accomodated. Only few are around.

  110. Hi! Would you know how many days after can I claim my renewed passport if I had a travel agency process it for me? Would it still be 25 working days? Do you know anyone who renewed in 2015 that can confirm that it really is still 25 working days?

  111. Good day,Regarding the courtesy lane, I would just like to ask if courtesy lane is available in DFA Cebu,.I had read from their website they had a courtesy lane for government employees is it also available in DFA Cebu?

    • Hi, Kristine.

      I’m sorry, I’m not sure about government employees. I know it applies for parents with children or senior citizens. Maybe you can try calling and asking.



    Regular government employees / with GSIS / appointed by Civil Service Commission
    Dependent of government employee
    Legal spouse
    Unmarried children
    Retired government employees (one year availment)
    Incumbent elected officials
    For barangay level, only the following are entitled:
    Barangay Chairman
    Barangay Kagawad
    SK Chairman
    Endorsement from House of Representatives must be endorsed by DLLU before lodging their applications to Courtesy Lane
    Media Personnel must first secure endorsement from Public Information Services Unit (PISU) before going to Courtesy Lane.
    Referrals made from DFA employees (limited to 3 referrals per month) and Head/s of other government agencies must secure proper endorsements duly signed by authorized signatories of their respective offices. Only original copies will be accepted for verification purposes. Photocopy of DFA employee’s valid I.D. / government agencies official’s Department I.D. must be attached for verification purposes.
    Infant (1 year old and below)
    Senior Citizens (60 years old and above)
    PWD (genuinely disabled) / with PWD I.D.s
    Pregnant (genuinely pregnant) / with medical certificate

    PASSPORT FEE: P1,200.00 (7 working days)
    Senior citizens have an optional processing fee of P950.00 (15 working days)..

    This is from DFA Website.
    I tried calling their number but I cannot make a connection. I just want to clarify if its applicable in DFA Cebu.

    • Yes Kristine. All the mentioned above are applicable. I am a government employee from a different agency and I can say that those above mentioned are applicable. I manage to get through the long lines by Saturday and presenting my Express Lane pass. I got my express pass from a friend who works at another government agency. Hope this helps.

  113. Hi Michael,
    Thank you so much for your post it really helped a lot of people trying to get or renew their passports. I was so worried on the steps where to start and also what requirements are needed. After reading your post I now know what to do. heheeh
    Thank you so much, God Bless

  114. Thank you sooo much. Your updates were really so helpful. I took the chance of going there with my 3 minor kids this afternoon at 3pm like your sister suggested. They didn’t bother giving out priority nos. anymore but the guard just told me to fill up the forms and submit it to him. After doing so, he told us to just wait for our name to be called and ensure our documents were complete. I needed more photocopies because I didn’t prepare 1 copy each for my 3 kids. 🙁
    Waiting time for each step didn’t take long. We were finished in just a little over an hour.

  115. Is it true na wala na daw express processing sa dfa cebu?

    • I just heard from a friend that processed her passport a few weeks back that the express processing (15 days) is available again.


      • I picked-up our renewed passports last week and inquired from the person at the releasing desk re express processing; he said it is still not available. He said there are still too many passports to print and they cannot catch up yet to offer express processing. That was what he told me, just sharing.

  116. Good day to you sir… What if the new applicant like me is an illegitimate child is there additional requirements for that? Like affidavit of……? Thanks

    • Hi, Kevenn. I’m sorry I can’t help answer your question. It’s a bit complicated. Would be best to just call DFA and ask them directly.

  117. Hi guys!niadto ko ron, saturday kadlawn. Epic fail kaau kay for travel agencies lang diay ang saturdays. The guard told me to come back at 11am this afternoon. balik nalang ko unya uy.
    Dapat ako ni gibasa na blog before ko niadto.oh well 🙂

  118. Diomer R. Caputol

    June 4, 2015 at 9:06 am

    Good Morning!

    Can I ask about my passport application if when can I possibly get it…. Nag-apply ko last May 4, 2015…..

    Please give me an idea…

  119. Hi! Ask lang ko if you’re allowed to pick up your passport in DFA Aseana even if you applied here in Cebu? Para maka save ug delivery time because I really need the passport asap. Thanks!

  120. Hi! Ask lang ko f mag open ba DFA during holidays? Pwede ba mo adto didto Sat ky mag dala kos ako baby, 2.5months old. Thanks!

  121. Any update if express process is available for the month of July? Thanks in advance

  122. Great rundown! Very useful information. Thanks a bunch.

  123. Excellent work, Michael – very comprehensive. Any update for September 2015 on the previous day Pacific Mall priority numbers or has this been abandoned?
    Also, a lot of publicity was given by the DFA that ‘fixers’ were no longer going to be allowed inside the DFA – applicants only. Now I understand that Saturdays are devoted to these people. I presume that this means that this practice is still permitted and, if I want to pay, my wife doesn’t have to do the donkey work like getting up at 2,45am?

    • Hi, Barry! I haven’t been to the DFA in a while now, but I think the previous day priority number has been abandoned, people have resorted to going back early in the morning like 2-3 AM.

      If you want to pay the agencies to process for you, it’s a hassle free process, she just has to go there for biometrics and pictures, if you are willing to shoulder the extra cost.

      One tip I would recommend, which has worked for some of my friends, is to go to the DFA at around 2-3 PM on weekdays. In the afternoon. There’s almost no people around, and they still can process everything in an hour before they close at 5 PM. Hope that helps!

      • Thanks Michael, I saw the recommendation about the late afternoon process, several times on the posts here and decided that it sounds a good idea. If that doesn’t work for one reason or another I will use an agency. I don’t like all this 3am nonsense. Its most uncivilised to my mind and I think the appointment system in Manila is much better Its really time that it was available here.

        • Yes, I think 3 AM is unreasonable. The appointment system really should be implemented here. I hope DFA Cebu reads this and will get to it soon. Thanks for the input and good luck with the processing!

  124. hi michael

    your blog helped us a lot, big thanks. armed with our dox (orig and photocopies for our passport
    renewal),last oct. 30, we gambled in going to DFA at 9AM and my husband was able to finish by 12NN. our 2 minor sons were asked to come back as we need to submit their original NSO birth certs. we came back nov 7 (sat) at 230PM with the needed papers and finished in less than 2 hours. we were so happy.

    glad to note that DFA personnel (frontliners to photo takers) have pleasing personality
    and really patient in answering queries (not the usual govt agency/personnel we get to encounter).

    being prepared will make our processing a lot faster, thanks to you.

  125. Hi Sir Michael! Good evening. Can i get passport if my documents only are NSO and valid id’s?
    I have here TOR, NBI, Police .clearance and Barangay clearance but not for travel purposes. Only local employment. Can i use my documents to get passport? Please advise. I’m planning tomorrow to apply for passport. It’s my first time and i need it very urgent

    • Hi, Khryztel Mae. I think the Birth Certificate and your valid government ID’s will suffice. Please just check the form there (I took a picture of it) for the requirements and assess it for yourself. It’s all there. Good luck!

  126. thanks for the info.it was a great help,,,,, so, i went there today, followed the afternoon trick, arrived at 2:11pm and was done by 2:30pm… only 10-15 people there…. no need waking up so early peeps.

  127. Hi Michael. I plan to renew my passport and also get a new passport for my 4month old son. I understand that minors will be accommodated on courtesy lane, will my renewal be accommodated too? one more thing, in the list of requirements for minors, where can I get this notarized affidavit of support and consent to travel? thanks.

    • Hi, Niva. Yes, your renewal will be accommodated too. I believe up to 1 guardian is fine. As for your other question, I’m not exactly sure. Best of luck! 🙂

  128. Hi Michael! may I ask kung pwede akong dito kumuha ng passport sa cebu city? I’m from batangas. currently dito ako may work and I want to get passport. thank you!

  129. Hi guys,

    Anyone who applied for passport at dfa cebu during may and june 2016 and already got their passport (rush or regular)? I really have no idea how long is the “delay” they are claiming. I applied on 18th of june and the tentative release date will be on july 4, t’was rush. Thanks for your help 🙂

    • Hi, Carl. My friends applied for a passport late May-early June 2016 and they said around 10-15 days. But their passport got delayed about another week from that because the printing is still somewhere in Luzon and that got delayed. So it really isn’t a guarantee when you go for rush/express.

  130. Hello Michael, Greetings!

    Reading your blog helped me a lot, very informative!

    But one thing that I haven’t found in here. It’s my concerned about renewing my passport and change my status and my Surname because I am now married. Does it have the same requirements? And also is it possible for me to have it renew at the DFA Manila because I’m from Cebu but I just want to have it renew in Manila so I can save my time because I will go there also to have a Red Ribbon for my Certificate of Marriage. If it’s possible, how much is the cost for the LBC?

    I am hoping for your reply soon.

    Thank you very much and keep it up!



  131. zabatec28@yahoo.com

    October 5, 2016 at 10:47 am

    helloo may tanong sana ako tungkol sa passport ko na may nkalagay na cancelled,ok lang ba akong mag renew,,,ano dapat kung gwin.please i need your advice..salamat

  132. Antonio Logdonio Morales

    October 17, 2016 at 11:31 am

    How to renew online my passport

  133. Good blog post ! I was fascinated by the specifics – Does anyone know if my company could possibly obtain a sample Apply for in lieu of loss passport example to fill in ?

  134. Hi! I m planning to renew my E-passport this year pro 2020 pa naman yung expiration date, also magrenew din ako ng driver s license ko. The thing is I m thinking to change my signature kase nahihirapan ako sa current signature ko most especially pag sa bank transaction. May additional documents ba ko na kelangan ipresent sa DFA just in case I was able to change my signature on my license and will use it on my passport?

  135. I constantly spent my half an hour to read this web site’s posts everyday
    along with a mug of coffee.

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